What's in my Notebook?

i'm planning on starting a series called WIN. naaaks. it stands for "What's In My Notebook" and as usual, will be an irregular and probably one time thing because wala lang! if you see a vol. 2 then congratulate me for it!

i've been spending a lot of time doodling in my notebook when this week started because there's not much going on at work so far since i'm on the onboarding process still. the coming days will be harder i suppose so i'm glad that for now i don't get to do anything stressful yet hehe!

oh and i'm taking the night shift indefinitely. my project lead pretty much frankly told me there's no hope for a better shift. which is okay. i'm looking on the brighter side though... more earnings! haha

here you go!

La Muerte - from the movie The Book of Life, warden of the Land of the Remembered. i loved the movie majorly because it's soooo colorful and it got me really inspired to start drawing! 

and here are random lettering studies. the last one was inspired from @letteristamnl's post here, slight glitch on the 'have' though. it happens to me a lot when i'm lettering a sentence or a phrase that i forget to do a word or two. total bummer. haha

by the way, i'm itching to attend Type Lab MNL but HI FUNDS WHERE ARE YOU?

This 2-day conference is worth 1,600 pesos and i'm considering saving up for it because i could just imagine the amount of inspiration i'll be getting just by being there. haaay i think this was patterned after Graphika Manila (read about my experience here!) but is focused more on Typography which is a really cool thing. i remember dozing off at Graphika during the video animation segment (read: not my thing) haha so i appreciate that Type Lab MNL is condensed to a specific form of art. :D i'm very excited for this (and also very poor).

see you, maybe!

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