The Sunday Currently (vol. 10)

i like how no face was revealed in this picture as if i cared about their privacy haha 
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! In fairness, Mother's Day was a greater hit in malls, i remember us retreating home after failing to find parking space. But earlier, there wasn't even a waiting line at Chili's. Where have the fathers gone? I wonder where the daddies preferred to spend their special day? :D My dad, for one, just stayed at home! XD
Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught. Haaaay, i'm dead smitten over Ian Thornton even though i know i wouldn't be able to stand a person like him for real. rich, mysterious, handsome men, with towering prides may be swoon worthy in romance novels but will likely get me domestically abused if i ever cross with someone like that in real life. yikes.



on how to go about today at work. i'm so up and awake right now after practically sleeping the entire sunday because i was almost awake the entire saturday because i thought i needed to be awake on saturday daytime so i could sleep at night and wake up the next morning.

i did sleep late last saturday, so i thought i could stock up on enough rest to be awake on sunday morning but no. i was so frakkin sleepy i slept the entire morning off, woke for a short lunch and slept again. attended church in the afternoon and roamed the mall, and now i'm home and awake like crazy. T__T it's almost three.

and i have to be up early because we have a lunchout later (with my old team).

also i'm stressing about how to work around my shipments because obviously i can't schedule for a Xend pickup at 3 in the morning and there are no qualified 7-Eleven drop-off points near my place! huhu

anyone knows a courier service that picks up parcels on a nighshift schedule and has pretty packaging? huhu


someone would buy my phone (and my other stuff) this week. hehe

shirt and shorts

that my most recent client agreed to pay me 100% more for the work i rendered for them. we all agreed it merits some extra charges so i was happy they didn't think twice or negotiated about it! yeyy for extra moolah.

a bike! and a tablet! and paypal to lift off their  2.9% + 0.30 USD charge FOR EVERY PAYMENT RECEIVED. it sucks so much. i'm never putting it again as a payment option on ebay. grrr

to cover up some 10k for not attending World Vision Run. remember i was asleep the whole day, but quite frankly before going to bed last saturday i already decided i can't make it because SLEEP! on the plus side, at least the run is for a cause and my 800 (sans Run Rio's part) is going to World Vision Foundation. :)

paranoid about the entire night shift lifestyle. i suddenly want to become super fit and healthy because i'm so sure my health rate is going to drop any time and my weight is going to be skyrocketing (chos. i'm still watching it so hopefully not!)

i was online window shopping at Superfood Grocer and Homegrown Organics listing out the vegetables i want to buy so i could prepare my own power smoothies HAHAHA. good luck! ang gastos magpaka-healthy bakit ganon.


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