waddup wednesdays

  • it's officially a week since i started taking the night shift and boy was it really detrimental to the health! my paranoia wasn't for nothing. i seem to have colds almost daily, monday is truly the hardest, and i'm finding the lack of greens in my meals a painful chip off my lifespan.
  • i sold the xiaomi redmi 1s phone i won over from googlygooeys because my dad requested for a different gift. haha. in fairness to the redmi, a day after posting i got a total of 9 inquiries, and 2 sure buyers. the next day and it's off to its new owner.
  • i earned some unsolicited drama while selling because i reserved the item to someone else, then backed off when someone offered to get the item sooner and at a more convenient place, that is during my shift and where i work. to be fair, i asked the first buyer if he could beat the other buyer's offer because honestly i didn't want to meet up in the middle of my supposed sleep, and it's already a blessing that someone agreed to get the phone under my meetup terms so it's really hard to pass on that, specially when you're dying from lack of sleep. i was called a bogus for it, but oh well. at least i informed him about it!
  • as if the universe wanted to get back at me from losing a bit of my integrity from that deal, when i got home this morning and sprawled to claim my most coveted undisturbed sleep, i was awoken some five times by some frkn number who kept calling me throughout the day about a book i was selling for 50 pesos. i emphasized in my ads that i only accept TEXT messages but the frkn guy still kept calling anyway. it's really stupid. i was so angry. i reminded him not to call, and replied morosely to his questions. but he continued being a prick by calling me seven times more, all of which i rejected because it's a matic thing (at least for me) to shut off any form of disturbance esp when i'm in the REM stage. grrr. in the end we agreed to meet up within my shift at the office, and i apologized for being so masungit. well, there goes extra money for a coffee shake and banana.
  • btw, i dreamt of david guison earlier and we were chatting about stuff. he asked me for my real name cos he recalled it was a beautiful name so i showed him my ID. HA. idk #majorcrush problems. my officemate (hi marck!) was also there and i kept on glancing at him trying to kindof pour my kilig cos it's over the brim already. ano ba yan. david mentioned he's doing a TVC for Tide detergent though! is this prophetic? HAHA. 
  • shipping problems. it just occured to me that it's gonna be hard to ship items from now on because there's no courier that picks up parcels at 3am! huhu fortunately, Xend (my favorite courier) has partnered with a couple of 7-Eleven stores to accept items for pickup. yehey for that genius. unfortunately for me, there's no nearby 7-Eleven store from where i work which accepts Xend stuff. huhu HELP?
  • tomorrow's daytime agenda is to comb Greenbelt (or Megamall?) for Abbey Sy's book "The ABCs of Hand Lettering" because i really really really really really really want it! That, and decide whether or not to attend Type Lab Manila because i'm afraid i'll be too sleepy for it. huhu but i really want to attend! T___T also, i want to get a haircut and a haircolor tomorrow. haha
  • i randomly ran across useful tips to improve focus and creativity and one of them suggested listening to BINAURAL BEATS. i just read about it today, it claims to put the brain into a certain state of consciousness by making you listen to specific frequencies that simulate brainwaves. listen to it here: http://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/pureBinauralBrainwaveGenerator.php 

    you can also try adding www.rainymood.com to it! makes for a good mind de-stresser. SO AMAZING!

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