The Sunday Currently (vol. 8)

but before that, let me share the rare experience of seeing an actual end of a rainbow! ooooh this is so for real goys.

homaygaaaas! should i put a watermark? 
i don't know much about rainbows except that they're great visual treats and unicorns use it to cross over to our world. i'm also old enough to to have figured out the myth of the pot of gold, but i still dared my officemates to go check it out with me, you know, just in case there's actually a mass of gold where that rainbow seems to be sprouting off. even leprechaun gold will do. anyway, it sounded more like a joke so i never got to check. tsk. sayang. grr.

it's funny though cos even though you see an end to it, you'll never really reach its end because the arc changes relative to your viewing perspective. gosh, i could be nearing a banging epiphany if i dwell further on this rainbow metaphor thing.. but i digress.

here's what's up!


bits of Harry Potter 5. haha


to the fan and a random playlist of an 8-gig-huge music collection i copied earlier from Kids. screening em out at it plays!

about what's gonna happen in the next few days or weeks. training has ended, yeyy! i appreciated the hell lot of Performance Testing now, and i feel like i've learned enough to put HP LoadRunner in a list of softwares i have basic knowledge at. LOL. but not quite.

i mentioned that i was being pressed to do good so i could be part of the team our trainer is handling, and last week they told me why. apparently i was already a candidate because i'm available (project just ended), and i wanted to change tracks (dev to QA). but i still need to prove myself to our trainer (a handsome indian mister who's got some enrique iglesias and richard gomez arrive to him) because he holds the final word and he wants to pretty much select the best from his class.

needless to say, i was selected! or at least that's what i understood from what he told me when he talked to me alone. it seemed like a promising deal, being part of his team. but as far as i know he also talked to a bunch of others from my class about who knows what and i'm thinking we're all on the same boat. the slots on his team are limited. i'm not exactly vouching for it. but it's a good experience.

i think it's something i could push forward in my career if given the chance. err. yehey for some direction! haha


i had a lot of money to spare for a gym membership and a month of diet food delivery. haha


my ministry more. it sure gets tiring at times but there's something rewarding about getting to know the kids better and being friends with them. listening to their prayer requests and the things they're thankful for. i feel like there's a growing responsibility in me that says i should always always watch out for them and make sure they grow to be the Christians God wants them to be. :)

uhm. monehhhh.

to wake up super early like 5am tomorrow to cook food for terai and i! we've just planned out our meals and want to take on a 5 day diet meal program that isn't calorie counted (cos we dunno how) but is portion aware (at least). i took the liberty of copying last week's food from Princess Healthy Kitchen after trying it out. is it bad? haha it's not exactly the same naman. and my intention is really just to feel how much 1200 cal fills.

i tried Lunch Box Diet before but i couldn't remember the feeling because i was struggling to eat during that time (read: four mouth sores). XD

let's see how this week fares! :D

the need to sleep haha.

How was your week? :D

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