nightshift notes

today marks the first day of an official change in my work lifestyle, i'm working the night shift indefinitely until the end of my bond (January 2017) or until i decide i can't take it anymore haha. chos.

i have a lot of thoughts about this change and i'm gonna go bullet them down here. most of them i thought while desperately tugging out chicken meat from my (super unhealthy) "lunch" a while back. MiniStop's plastic spoon and forks are effing weak.
  • i need to stock up on multivitamins. it's what everybody's telling me. should Enervon C be nice? cos i get easily sick (of life. charot).
  • i only need to work for 8 hours! yeyy
  • it may be hard to file for a vacation leave. because that would mess up my sleeping pattern. what if i want to attend an event which is most probably during the day? that means i would have to make "puyat" for it. what are night VL's for anyway? huhu the thought of this confuses me. but it would likely limit my VL spending so yeyy. haha
  • i need to subscribe to healthy cold pressed juices and smoothies like what Friggies offers (please don't be out of business yet) because it's the only way i could stock up on vegetables. OR i could just do my own vegetable smoothies! gaaaah i'm so excited! checking out The Superfood Grocer!
  • my weekends will be so effed up because i can't keep being a night owl on a saturday or sunday. that would be socially damning.
  • i will see my family less. and my boyfriend too huhu.
  • on the bright side, i'll be coming home to the morning sun and hopefully that'll push me to jog daily! unfortunately i'm afraid it'll wake me too much haha
  • i may need to buy an eye mask because the day isn't exactly conducive for sleeping. i want a cute one! haha
  • i want to compute how much exactly i would earn extra with this "hard shift" but i didn't want to expect so maybe i'll just... still check it out! para ma-inspire kuno HAHA
  • more money = more funds for stuff. yayy. lol
  • my biggest concern is that i might get fatter and unhealthier. huhu.
those are my thoughts! have you worked the night shift? any tips? T____T

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