[Quick Tour] Quantum Fitness Gym at UP AyalaLand TechnoHub

Quantum Fitness Gym

Quantum Fitness is an Elorde Xtreme Boxing gym located at UP AyalaLand Technohub.

i was pretty excited cos it's located where i work, so my thoughts of finally getting a regular fitness fix could (probably) come true! so one afternoon i paid a visit to see what's in and to generally feel the place and decide whether its worth the membership fee. haha

here's a pic spam of their facilities:

Quantum Fitness Gym

it's big and spacious :) they have warm/cold showers and i noticed a shampoo/bath gel dispenser too. yay. they also have a small cocktail lounge. i'm calling it that cos there are no seats, just two high tables. hehe

Quantum Fitness Gym

locker areas and changing stalls are available too, just bring your own padlocks or you can borrow at the counter.

Quantum Fitness Gym

more comfort room pics cos i'm maarte when it comes to that. 

Quantum Fitness Gym

there's the boxing ring of course

Quantum Fitness Gym

and a group exercise studio that caters to different classes like zumba, hiphop, spinning, yogilates, etc. it's pretty small. but it's exciting you know!

Quantum Fitness Gym
more bikes at the back (if you notice hehe)! i think the two in front are for instructors?  XD
there's also a cycling area! there's a group class for that too.

Quantum Fitness Gym

Quantum Fitness Gym

since it's an Elorde gym i supposed it's pretty complete in terms of boxing essentials. that is, the place has no shortage of objects to punch and kick.

Quantum Fitness Gym

Quantum Fitness Gym

the equipment area is filled with lots of items to help you workout as well.

Membership Rates

Quantum Fitness Gym

Why I'm not joining (at least, yet)

i found the membership fee expensive. even their pre-selling rate of 15k for 1 year is still a bit too much (btw it ended this May). i have no plans of trying out boxing or muaythai or body building yet so what's left they have to offer me are the group classes and the treadmill. but they only have 2 treadmills so that's a downer. :(

i was excited by their group classes esp the spinning, zumba, and yogilates, but just like any class... it has a schedule. and by the looks of it i may not be able to fully commit myself to any of their time slots. loool kulang sa dedication haha so, not now... but maybe someday! XD i have high hopes that it'll suit me better one day because as i was told, they're gonna eat up their neighboring shop (that's CD-R King) and extend the gym space. that's really exciting. hope they add more treadmills and provide a bigger group exercise studio. haha

And that's it!

if you live or work nearby you can go check the place out to see if it fits your fitness needs! :D

Location and Contact

Quantum Fitness Elorde Xtreme Gym
2/F UP - AyalaLand TechnoHub
Commonwealth Ave., Diliman, Q.C.

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