talking to your enemies

figures to ponder:

Abijah's army - 400,00 able men
Jeroboam's army - 800,000 able men

and who won? Abijah's troops won, slaying 500,000 men from Jeroboam's army. The power of the Lord, oyeah. that's 400 vs 800. who would've thought they could kill 100,000 more than their number. grabe. actually, di ko talaga maimagine yang ganyang kadaming tao eh. hundred thousand? and to think Abijah even made a speech blah to his enemies... may nakarinig kaya sa kanya? >XS

point is, if our God is for us, who could ever stop us? my favorite line from one of my favorite worship songs.  totoo naman. God will deliver your enemies before you. You just have to call on his name. <3

my head is starting to hurt again. i think i should sleep.

hell werk ahead (that's a pun for hell week! in case you didn't notice lol). 3 days remaining on a project that i'm still miles away from accomplishing. nakakaiyak na. i wasn't able to work on it during this weekend cos i also have to make time for the yearbook. gaaahh the yearbook. you better come out good! >XD

reading: 2 Chronicles 13

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