epic movie suggestion

king david's reign could well be an epic movie. see, he fought so many wars and was victorious. he led thousands of men to battle and with God's favor became undefeated! it sounds pretty cool to imagine it as a movie yaknow, ala 300. or Troy. or something else. HAHA astig kaya. pogi pa siguro si David hahahaha. and of course, included in his movie would be segments of his girlies. e madami ata yon. LOL

 i wouldn't say reading the Bible is fun. i admit there were a couple of uninteresting parts... like those chapters  containing nothing but an account of people whose names will probably never go down in history inspite of it being written in the world's best seller (duh Bible! *pun intended*)... literally cos they're so hard to read and pronounce. hayy so sorry Lord.

but of course! there were engaging stuff too like when david names the "three great warriors" ala three musketeers, and divides his people according to function. there's "the gatekeepers", "the musicians", "the priests", "the treasurers", "the army divisions", "the overseers", "the tribe leaders", etc!!! in my mind, an entire kingdom slowly unfolds as i read each and every function of the people under his authority.

then there's the temple built by solomon. the center of the kingdom! a place dedicated to God where his eyes and heart shall dwell for as long the people does not forsake him. freaking awesome temple, i can't quite imagine it really. all the precious metals and stones, molded and carved under strict specifications. purrrfect! i wonder how it looked like during their time! >8D

but still, i feel blessed that in this age, we don't need to slay goats and sheep as burnt offerings for God to hear our prayers. Jesus has broken that barrier already when he died on the cross for our sins. ang saya diba? parang mas naging approachable si God dahil kay Jesus. ang laking bagay non diba?
para kang nilakad ng kuya ng nililigawan mong chicks! okaya naman
naging backer mo yung anak ng may-ari ng kumpanyang gusto mong pasukan! jackpot diba? hehe

reading: 2 Chronicles 7-8

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