solomon's prayer of dedication

grabe. i was sleepy the whole day i don't understand why. i think i got around 7 hours of sleep naman but i still can't figure out why i was so drowsy the entire day. maybe it has something to do with the meds mom asked me to take for my persistent colds. hay. anyhow.

today's reading was pretty inspiring and guilt tripping. specially chapter 6 hehe. all i could say is, solomon's prayer is a prayer of a true leader. and i feel deeply ashamed as i read it. never in the course of my being president did i pray for God to actually guide my fellow students, my (as some would call it) "people". well, i do pray for them but for the most part i think i was complaining why i had to handle those kind of people. of all people. whenever i feel stressed about my acads and extra curriculars getting mixed up in my timeline, i always asked for guidance, wisdom, patience and supernatural powers too ... but i never considered that perhaps i should also pray for the students who are under my so-called "authority", to be uhm smart enough (to know when and where to behave)?. what kind of leader am i. >:'( LOL this is heartbreaking. all along i was being selfish! grabe nga naman no, how could i pray just for myself, right when i'm not the only one in the organization who needs the same amount of guidance? ang selfish ko pala LOL. huhu 

okay, thank you solomon. i shall sleep nao. good night

reading: 2 Chronicles 5-6

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