nothing just happens

i slept really late last night because of the yearbook.
my day started with a headache.
i arrived late for work.
and now, a very stressful job faces me like a monster, dark eyes gleaming, saying "you can't do this! you won't finish on time! you don't have what it takes for this task!"

my heart just died. my resolve just left me. i wanted to go home and bury my head in my stuffed toys and eat cadburry for lunch. i wanted to resign! 
then i opened my email and was happy to see that my daily dose of paulo coelho and bo sanchez is waiting for my weak mind to extract courage from.

paulo's message link was blocked, so i just read bo's.
his message is so timely that i just want to cry and seek him and ask him to be my ninong for life! haha

from now on, every time i'm facing difficulties, i'd do my best to think that NOTHING JUST HAPPENS. God is doing something extraordinary behind the curtains, and he's working for my favor. while i'm out the stage making a mess of myself, the Lord is fixing the background, such that when the next scene unfolds, everything falls right in to place. 

quite honestly, i'm still unsure if i can pull this task off. 
i may not have enough self-confidence to deliver this monster of a task, but i have all my faith in God! 

please take time to read this message. whatever situation you are in right now, i'm sure you'll be blessed!

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