nanaginip ako! at naalala ko!!

one of the rare ocassions that i actually remember my dreams when i woke up! these are just fragments though...

// i was in some sort of exhibit and there were 2 cockroaches at sight. i was with a friend but i can't remember who basta when the cockroaches were ready to attack, i screamed his name for help and i grabbed one of the styro baords for defense and just continuously smacked it aimlessly on the air. i remember smacking a cockroach face down. i felt triumphant LOL but then, the other cockroach sortof took revenge and flew straight to me! eeew, my styro shield was no help as i fell to the ground and screamed AAAAAHH. then i woke up... screaming parin. nakakaloka.

// in this certain fragment, may special guest tayo... Angelica Panganiban! hahaha i dunno where i was but in that particular scene, angelica was wearing an ostentatious red dress, bright red lipstick and an equally kitschy fascinator! she looks like she came straight out from her taping of Here Come's the Bride hahaha. in that scene, the driver dropped her off in the middle of the street and she was grumbling about it. the sky was gloomy and a tornado was brewing and i was behind the bushes ata, watching the clouds. then suddenly, the clouds turned into a shape of a dragon which slithered down the pasture, destroying the crops and blahhh... it was freaking scaryyy so i ran for my life. tapos while running down the hill i saw a dog also running for his life, then it tripped and i heard it crying so i caught it up in my arms and pacified the poor thing. and kyot kyot kyot nung aso parang maliit ng golden retriever slash cocker spaniel tas naglalaway na sa takot. ganun. ang kyot. ang scary. then gising na ko.

// third dream! i was in a room with my crush from work HAHAHA. inaasar ko lang sya na ang gwapo gwapo nya. tas sya naman nagdedeny lang, nagtatago pa sa unan. yun lang. anlandi haha.

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