this week was every bit stressful. usually when i'm stressed, i lose my appetite but lately... i've been eating like hell and have gained 5 kilos already since the day i started working at smart. hay. not good. and because i was feeling depressed the entire week, i stuffed myself with cadbury EVERY DAY for 3 days (the limit of my wallet, apparently). i dunno if it's placebo or what but it did make me feel better.

also, since thursday i've been working overtime until 10pm... and for sure it'll extend until next week. i feel so dumb and useless. i frakking don't know what to frakking do with my job.

then there's the yearbook. my job is pretty much just to layout and oversee stuff but i didn't expect i still had to do a lot of post editing. this is what my groupmates hate about me during college. i edit edited stuff because i still see errors. i don't want to sound obnoxious but crap i can't tolerate that. >:|

and theeen i have a huge backlog for my devotion. i read 3 chapters last night but fell asleep immediately afterwards so i wasn't able to take notes. so now, i'm taking them down...

oh Lord please forgive me for always putting our relationship on compromise. sorry. >:''(

i was wondering why chapter 9 sounded super familiar... then jec told me it was already written somewhere in kings. haha. so parang matthew mark luke john din pala ang peg nitong kings and chronicles haha. anyhow, here's the message: you must always listen to your elders. not simply your elders, but people who are wiser and more mature. even if you're above them, you must seek their advice on important matters like ruling a kingdom LOL.

during my crazy leadership stints at college, even though i'm tempted to be one with the students with their militant thinking and anti-government predisposition, i can't just bend in to their complaints and be one of them. i was put in a position where i can communicate directly to the administration (our so called elders) and propose change... diplomatically! so i can't waste that stance. blah. nawala ako bigla.

i think what i want to say has already been said. HAHA

ansakit sakit na ng ulo ko. hayy

reading: 2 Chronicles 9-12

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