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my review classes with MSA started yesterday... blah.. i know what you think.. alam kong mahal don, but what i have in concern is the academic advancement program.. not just the tips and tricks in taking CETs...

anyway.. damn... full day nga pla ang first day.. and i have to sit there for about 10 hours, listening and trying to catch everything the teacher says... shoot... and hirap ng diagnostic test!!!
supperrr.. hard!!!
they're expecting us to finish answering the whole book in 3hours... weow!
pero natapos ko yehey! pero the math was so hard i wasted most of my time recalling the basics in 1st yr algebra.. ggrrr....
tapos.. my mind is so worked up na kaya di ko na nireview.. haha... and while waiting i spent the whole 30 mins doodling on the cardboard scratch they gave us.. haha.. stig.. i finished one side for the whole day... then the other...para bukas!

lunch time.
wlked until.. jollibee.. gusto ko man mag kenny roger's i can't kasi diet ako, sa food at sa pera.. haha...
along the way i met some batchmates... sa loyola naman cla.. hehe...
pagbalik sa MSA... met larz.. blah... pauwi na pla sha.. and i have to stay for another 5 hours...-_-

after lunch...
math lecture... sobrang tawa tawa ng hiyang hiya ako sa sarili ko... my seatmate is sooper smart he kept mumbling about the answers and the terms..blah blah... walang hiyang buhay to.. i can't raise the flag of my alma matter... di naman ako bobo sa skul pero dito i feel inferior and most unintelligent...

tapos i can hardly follow the discussion with FACTORING!
darn that factoring! nakalimutan ko na nga kung kelan tinuro yan eh.. tapos the only thing i remember about factoring is...nothing!
leche... dagdagan mo pa ng quiz!
'exchange papers!'
shoot! kung di banaman ako pinagtakluban ng kabobohan....-_-;;
as much i'd love to check my own paper.. i have to give it to another person and wait till i get humiliated.
walang hiya talaga... perfect...
tapos ako.. wala pa sa kalahati...-_-;;
tapos may homework... 16 pages... -_-;;
LORD HELP ME! this is too much!


tapos super ayoko pang magtanong sa katabi ko kung pano nakuha ung factor ng (x2+16x+8)?
dahil mauubusan ako ng pride... haha...
the only consolation i got is when english came... i thought mejo pasado na ko dito... di naman ako nagkamali. pero outstanding talaga tong seatm8 ko...-_-;; gusto ko ng lumipat!!!

ngayon ko lang na gets ang parallelism at dangling eklat.... haha... mas nagets ko kasi malinaw ung pagtuturo... *oops*.

tapos... blah blah...

uuwi na ko! yehey!
commute -dotdotdot-

INTERNET!---eto na yun so babay!