[Review] V&M Naturals ExfoBomb and CPC+G Oil for Underarm Whitening

The underarm whitening journey never ends! After having undergone 2 sessions of underarm diode laser hair removal, I now have better hopes of whitening my underarms. So to resume the journey, I took advice from a friend to try to V&M Naturals ExfoBomb, an all-organic exfoliating and skin-lightening salve. According to BeautyMNL reviews, it's effective in lightening the skin as long as you use it religiously. I bought one from their Glorietta branch, and also got sales-talked into getting the CPC+G Oil too. They're a good combo according to the sales lady. And me being in my overly-open-to-suggestions state spent a hefty ₱745 for 50g of a whitening salve, and 30ml of a miracle oil. Definitely not affordable for topical whitening agents, but is it worth it?

Hell, yeah.

Not gonna recommend them fully yet, but I can say that it's truly effective. Consistency is key in maximizing the effects of these products. I've only used it for 21 days straight (started on July 20) and I can already see results. Not drastic, mind you, but there's peace in knowing that slowly but surely it does the job.

I apply the products before going to bed, exfobomb first then 5 drops of CPC+G oil next. I make sure to clean my underarms before application, and also make it a point to wear sleeveless or sando shirts to avoid getting oily residue on my shirt sleeves.

ExfoBomb -  (₱395, 50g)

It's waxy, seemingly oily, but not the annoying type of oily. The main exfoliant is dead sea salt, which is great because it gets dissolved eventually as you massage it on your skin, hence you don't need to rinse it. Also, it smells nice!

It's day 21 and I'm almost through my first tub so I already bought myself a spare. I'm thinking a tub would last 1 month of regular use if applied on both underarms.

UPDATE: My 2nd tub was so different. It has less exfoliant. Maybe they lessened the amount of sea salt? Parang hindi masyado nakaka-scrub itong 2nd tub ko huhu. I'm kinda disappointed. Will give it another chance on my 3rd tub!

CPC+G Oil (₱350, 30ml)

Recommended use is 5-6 drops per underarm. I do 5, and so far I've only consumed 1/4 of the bottle for the last 21 days. The oil feels warm for some reason, but it doesn't burn okay. It comes in a dropper bottle for easier application and I put it after the exfobomb. I'm not sure if it's the right order but the sales lady said you can layer the products, so I didn't care so much for the order. BUT, tonight I'm gonna try putting the oil first then the exfobomb 'cos I feel like my skin should get the oil first hahaha.

After application of these products, your UAs will feel oily but it's not disgusting. The feeling is tolerable. Or maybe I tolerate it because my whitening needs is more pressing than my underarms' comfort haha. Anyway, just do it before going to bed to avoid the potentially icky feeling.

I didn't see any harmful reactions on my skin. It didn't itch or burn, and I didn't notice any peeling. I believe it's all happening slowly in a micro level because for sure it does work, just not that fast. My underarms did look a bit lighter, and I know I still have a long way to go before achieving the shade I want haha. I have progress photos too but I'm too hesitant to show them because, uhm, TMI and I'm shy hehe.

So yeah, will continue using the products because the effects are rather promising! I've had it with instant whitening products whose effects also instantly fade off so maybe an all-natural and organic product is what I've been waiting for. :)

You can order online from their official website or at BeautyMNL.
You can also visit their stores listed here.

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