A week in July that's been sitting in my drafts for too long

July 12 - Thursday

❉ I brought the car to work for the second time. I was lucky enough (or not) that our building parking isn't full yet. But now that I think of it, it's actually too bad because the parking fee in this building is exorbitantly high. I'm nearing 9 hours already and that's freaking running me 200++ now. Fck this city. Makes me want to really work hard and get promoted, so I can earn the privilege of free reserved parking. Or even gas reimbursement. Or not. How about I just stop bringing the car to work?

The first time I brought the car was on Tuesday two days ago and I almost didn't survive because all the parking buildings nearby were full. Street parking was my only chance, but it required parallel parking skills... which I don't have much of. But with the help of the guards there I was able to squeeze myself between a Hillux and a Fortuner. Whew. I'm just really fascinated by all these driving and parking shenanigans. It took me only 13 mins to go home the other day. And 15 mins to drive to the office (excluding the time I wasted looking for a parking spot). That's freaking amazing. But still, parking remains a bigass problem for me. If only I were some big shot in this building with free parking things haha.

By the way... we actually got a parking spot in the condo already. If you remember we were just contemplating about it on my last post, but actually that same day I sealed the deal with a lessor lol.

❉ I ordered a Fitbit Alta HR on Shopee and I'm excited to get it. Here's to hoping it's not defective.

❉ I also opened a checking account, my first, because our parking owner required PDCs as payment. I was supposed to get the checkbook today, but I arrived late. So, let's hope for tomorrow. Oh, adult points. A checkbook! Oh God.

❉ My parents are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary on Monday and I wanted to treat them to something special. I was planning on booking a room at Novotel Cubao or Seda Vertis North for them but when I heard their jampacked Sunday plans, we resorted to just having dinner together. Which, hopefully, will push through. You know my parents. Nothing is ever sure.

While on the phone with my mom, she opened something up about the car lol. Turns out they need the car back because they have too many errands and they needed 2 cars at bay haha. That's actually too sad for me because I was just starting to enjoy having a car again. But since Jeckie and I are actually planning on getting another car, like a family car lol, my mom offered to just buy the car from us. Err. I don't know, we can't afford a new car right now that's for sure haha.

July 13 - Friday

❉ I brought the car to work... again. Every time I contemplate on bringing the car to the office, I always end up doing it anyway, then regretting it later. If yesterday's stress came from the parking rates, now I had to deal with the heavy downpour that had me late to our meeting. The rain was so bad. But thankfully, parking isn't full yet. After a series of meetings at work I drove the car out of the parking building (₱60) and back again to get a flat rate until midnight (another ₱60). My God. I had to go around the entire block just to enter the building again -- right in the middle of rush hour and a heavy rain. Such a hassle. Then again, parking fees are a bitch. Before midnight I need to get the car out again and park on the streets (where it's free) so I won't incur overnight charges (additional ₱60). But that really depends on the weather... and the availability of parking slots outside. CAN YOU IMAGINE MY PROBLEM?! LOL I'm so stressed HAHAHAHA. But every time I'm faced with the choice or driving or not, I always choose to drive. What's wrong with me.

On a different note, I was able to parallel park unattended, for the first time! Yehey!

Anyway, enough about my driving hulabaloo hehe.

July 14 - Saturday
Spent most of the day with my in-laws at SM Megamall. Watched Ant Man, ate dinner at Chili's (forever favoriteee), played Lazer Tag for the first time (high score, yeah!) and walked all the way to Emerald Ave. where dad parked the van. Can you imagine how bad the parking situation is at SM Megamall that we had to park three blocks away from the mall? My goodness.

July 15 - Sunday
I treated my parents to dinner at Yang Chow. I'm kindof sad we didn't prepare anything more special for their 30th anniversary. I'm so bad at planning, and their schedules are the worst. It's always been hard to squeeze some family time during the weekends. I think this was the reason I consider riding in the car with them as "family time" because it's the only chance we get to be in a small confined space together where we can talk hahahaha. Kanya kanyang buhay kami sa bahay I don't know whyyy.

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