Life Lately (we finally have a bedframe!)

Meeting finally over. I hate Friday evening meetings, they take away the T in TGIF. I was mentally stressing about it earlier because I feel like I wouldn't know what to say. But thank God for my senior who stepped up and said the words I was struggling to communicate because I kept waiting for the right timing lol. So in the end, he got to clarify things for me. And to validate my attendance, I re-clarified it for my own good HAHA cos don't we all want to be clear about everything? But really, I just had to break the 20 words quota in order to be officially part of the meeting hahaha. Anyway, that means I have work to do! Today marks my first year (and two days) with the company. My batchmates tried to celebrate through dinner, but I guess we're just too withdrawn from each other to even bother pushing it. I had a meeting too, so there's that. Hehe

Have I told you we finally have a bed?

Oh it's gorgeous. It's made of imported pinewood and cost us ₱10,600 (delivery and installation included). Now our room smells like musky wood yey ♡

Having a bed custom made has been on our wish list ever since we learned we can't fit a standard queen sized bed frame in our space. Our best bet would be a bed box, but I didn't like the idea of it haha.

My biggest worry was looking for a contractor to hire because I didn't know where to look and I'm clueless about this whole home improvement game. But well, looking for a contractor was actually easy! I just joined a woodworkers group on facebook and asked for leads. I posted my pegs and specifically requested for an actual on-site estimate because we wanted to make sure the bed would fit on that corner. 

Would you believe it, not a day in and I got 7 quotes from professional suppliers who have really great portfolios. The most affordable offer was ₱6,500 and the highest was ₱18,000. In the end I decided to get Kismet Construction & Supply. They're located so far up (Caloocan) but I got them majorly because I saw they've already worked with something similar, and delivered to a condo with the same developer as ours. Yehey!

That bed is high. It's definitely higher than your regular bed, and I didn't expect it to be that way haha but it's actually nice. I can definitely put storage underneath, which is my next project! ♡ I'm inspired with this post: Storage Upgrade (Or How I Conquered the Chaos Under My Bed)

And thaaat's it. I really wanted to share some more but I can't guarantee to keep the positivity so I'll just dump them woes on my twitter.

Happy long weekend!

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