4 Impressive Locations to Watch out for When Taking a Helicopter Tour in Miami

Photo from Pixabay

Miami is probably one of the most picturesque American cities with its golden sun-kissed beaches and art deco architecture. It’s a city that never rests with an endless selection of posh clubs and 24-hour restaurants. Right from its stunning skyline to its amazingly diverse population, Miami represents the best of the American way of life.

While the streets of Miami have plenty to offer, the skies present a unique point of view of this amazingly well-designed city. Tourists and locals often take helicopter tours to take to the Miami skies to witness the popular landmarks from a refreshing perspective.

Booking Miami helicopter rides can be done online or by visiting a reservation center for the touring company. Unlike the popular belief, these tours are not exorbitantly priced. Yes, helicopter rides in Miami are not cheap, but for the price, they do offer an experience that remains embedded in your memory for a lifetime. That’s a pretty sweet deal. Depending on the type of tour you select, cost per person can be as low as $95 to as high as $200. Tours in the city usually start from the Opa Locka airport. The chopper navigates above the beautiful cityscape and heads towards the sea. The pilot then navigates above the beach and heads south to give you the best views of the islands. Following are 4 amazing locations you get to see when you take a helicopter tour in Miami.

Sunny Isles Beach
Sunny Isle beach is best described as a location where stunning skyscraper properties hug the golden sandy beaches. The aerial view of the tall towers coupled with the pristine beach and the clear blue water is a sight to be seen. The series of towering buildings kind of complement each other as there is a great degree of uniformity in how they are arranged. These sky-hugging structures almost form a straight line standing as close to the sandy shore as possible.

Bal Harbor
Bal harbor is another popular beachfront destination that’s lined with impressive beachfront properties. While the buildings on Bal Harbor beach are not as tall as the ones in Sunny Isle, they do offer an impressive view.

Miami Beach
After flying over North Beach, you head over to one of the most famous beach destinations in America, Miami beach. The beach is riddled with some of the most iconic buildings in Florida. The tallest buildings in the state, the Blue and Green Diamond twin towers is amongst the many properties that embellish Miami beach. Other buildings to lookout for are the beautiful Portofino Tower and the iconic Fontainebleau hotel. You also get to see the one of the most expensive residential complexes in the state as you hover past Millionaire’s Row.

Fisher Island
After going past South Beach you reach one of the most expensive residential zones in America. Fisher Island is a tiny man-made island that’s peppered with luxury condos and hotels. The island only has a resident population of 467 and is a region that has America’s highest per capita income.


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