[Review] DesignEvo: Is this the Canva of logo making?

I was very excited when I found out about DesignEvo. The interface reminded me very much of Canva, a graphic design web application that allows users to create layouts and graphics using a drag-and-drop interface. With access to millions of photos, layouts, fonts, and graphic elements - it's my one-stop shop for quick design solutions. DesignEvo pretty much works the same way, except it's geared more towards logo making, something designers and non-designers would both benefit from. It's free, easy to use, and has relatively fair pricing packages should you want to purchase the logo you created.

To show you how awesome and simple to use this application is, here's a very quick logo project I created through the app. Aaaand if you want to try it for yourself, just head on to DesignEvo.com to start working on one.

By the end of this article I'd be giving away 3 100% off purchase coupons that you can use to buy a logo! Joining is easy, so please stick around! You don't need to join, I'm sharing the coupon codes at the end of this post!:D

30-minute logo design, is that possible? Oh yes!
Project: Logo for Surf and Perf
Brief: Surf and Perf is a small technical blog covering topics around Software Automation and Web Design. It used to be dedicated to Software Performance Testing alone (hence the blog name), but the owner starting dabbling in different fields of automation so the topics grew. The owner needs a logo for their website at www.surfandperf.com.

Keywords: quality assurance, web design, web, software testing

Preferences: simple, minimal, clean symbol


Timer starts now?

DesignEvo has tons of logo categories to choose from. But since we already established that the company is software related and technical, let's ignore the other cats and head straight to Technology & Communication

At this point, I didn't really have a concept in mind. I just scrolled through the many options and filtered those that struck near the keywords.

Aaand I stopped at this:

There were so many similar templates with a check mark and a computer but this one seemed most relevant because all the lines could stand for something.

✔  Check mark for quality assurance
✔  Computer for web surfing
✔  Brackets for coding/web development

I guess it was love at first sight. So I took it and started editing. The next step is really just a matter of placing your title text.

And we're done! How easy was that? You can choose from several fonts, and add shapes and backgrounds too. I didn't though, because the brief asked for a simple mark. Finally, you can download your logo by clicking on the Download link on the upper right corner of the page. Or for better appreciation, check out the Preview link first to see your design in several mockups.

 Looks legit!

The checkout process is very simple. After clicking the download link, you'll be presented with  3 download options. 1 free and 2 paid.

The inclusions are all included there. For this project, I could very well just pick the FREE version because all I needed was to place it in a website, and that wouldn't take up more than 500px of space. But for demo purposes I got the PLUS version because I wanted to see the inclusions of the download pack.

DesignEvo accepts paypal and credit card payments and you're guaranteed a secure checkout process.


Here are 100% off coupon codes you can use at DesignEvo should you want to purchase the logos you created for free. I'm scrapping the giveaway mechanics 'cos I noticed it wasn't taking off so well, so might as well just give the codes to anyone who'd ask.

Each code is good for 3 uses, valid until December 31, 2018. And since it's all out here, first come first served basis applies. If the code doesn't work that means it's been used already.

Here you go:

To use, just follow the Checkout page and click on the "Have a coupon?" link to enter the code.

Back to the download

As promised, the download pack contains a complete set of files you'll need should you want to further edit the logo.

✔  Font file
✔  Hi-res images (in transparent and white bg)
✔  Vector files (pdf and svg)

What I found missing though is the document file stating the right to register a trademark.

So finally, I would recommend DesignEvo for:

✔  Those who want to create a logo quick
✔  Those who don't want to pay too much for a logo
✔  Those who don't mind generic looking logos
✔  Those who don't mind public domain fonts 
✔  Those who want to look for logo inspirations
✔  Those who want to discover new logo trends
✔  Those who are just starting a business and don't have much capital on logo and branding

Having a logo for your brand/business is important, and DesignEvo offers a practical solution to that!

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