Hizon's Catering Grand Food Tasting event at Don Jose Heights Clubhouse

A Grand Food Tasting Event is basically a food tasting event setup by a caterer in accredited venues.

When I heard that Hizon's Catering was gonna hold a Grand Food Tasting event at our venue, I got really excited. So I called up Don Jose and reserved seats for four, My parents haven't seen the clubhouse yet upclose so I thought it's a good chance for them to see it especially when it's dolled up with tables and chairs and mock set-ups. AND FOOD.

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Actually during this time, we were already 90% sure we're cancelling our reservation with Hizon's, and I wanted to discuss it with my AE (Krizia) during the event so mejo good timing sya 'cos they're near our place! Reason we're cancelling is that we're planning on increasing guest size and we wanted to save money rin hehehe.

Here's an offer for you! If you're celebrating anything this year until November (or you know someone who will), and you're looking into getting Hizon's to cater your event (debut, weddings, private parties, etc), we're selling our reservation for only 5k. Reservation is actually 10k but we didn't want to waste it altogether so instead of not being able to reimburse it entirely, we thought we could offer it to others for a discount. That way you get to save 5k, and we get half of our money back. Then we'll personally endorse you to Hizon's and let you guys take it from there. :)

I hope this is fair enough and yeah, HEEEELP!

 Let me know in the comments/contact form/wherever!

Moving on...

Unfortunately, the FT is only free for the first time so if I wanted to eat with my parents, I have to pay 600/head. ANG MAHAL. Pero considering the buffet and the quality of food they serve, I was leaning more on just paying for all of us. PERO NOPE, DIDN'T HAPPEN. Pero seriously guys ang sarap ng food nila diba? Kebs yung 600, I bet it's gonna be sulit.

Nakaka-sad but my parents were okay with it 'cos they just really wanted to see the place.

The Food
They served the same food but this time I have better pictures so yey! Again, we didn't eat anything in this food tasting so I just took pictures. :)

Lighted roll top chafing dishes in accented buffet spreads. Notice the pleated skirting? That's how I want our buffet table. Plain, pleated and not satin. Satin kasi is gusutin and glaring sa camera diba. So nope.

Okay, food.

Steamed rice and Crispy Beef  - ang sarap nito!

Lumpiang hubad (I forgot the term!) and buttered vegetables.


They have a carving station guys!

Pasta bar

Fondue area and Quesadilla station :)

Not sure if the fondue was gonna stay like that cos wouldn't it be fancier to have actual chocolate fountains? :D

The Setup
Overall I was very happy to see the place fully set up cos it looked beautiful. It's bright, maaliwalas and super lamig sa loob! ❤

I was expecting they'd setup actual round tables but looks like this is the same as their regular food tasting setup at their office, with small rectangular tables for four. The only difference is that they used acrylic chairs here, added a couples area, and of course setup in a different venue. Hoping pa naman to see how tight (or not) the place will look like with round tables good for 180pax.

This is how the Level 1 styling looks like for the couple's area. Personally it looks pretty neat! And I thought 3 panels are kulang but from afar it looks okay naman cos it's still the focus of the venue since it's the most decorated area. I like the pillars! I see satin though so that's a red flag and I'm not a fan of fabric covers pooling on the floor haha. 

I wasn't able to get a front view photo of the backdrop because the VIP table was right in front of it haha. So yan, that's the Basic VIP table setup. Okay naman dibaaaa. Now I'm wondering kung san ba galing yung mga kaartehan ko sa styling. If this is their Level 1, I think I'll be okay with.

This is their actual guest table. It's a 8-seater round table okay, not 10. Not sure if this is their actual guest tables 'cos it's 8-seater only. I think 10-seater talaga actual tables nila hehe. I don't like super tall centerpieces for the round tables pero keri naman. Ayoko lang siguro tong flower na to. Mukang gulay. 

Since flowers are expensive maybe you can just get yourself some celery stalks and cabbages from the market if green din lang naman theme mo! Char.

Aaaand, that's it!

The good thing about Hizon's is that they regularly hold Grand Food Tasting events at accredited venues so you'll get a chance to look around different places and eat na rin (pay ka na lang if it's your nth time attending) HAHA.

And can I just say that I'm still in love with Don Jose ❤

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