This week was sooooo full of negative vibes. Let's start last week

While we were out to fetch my mom at the airport, our helper (almost!) fell victim to dugo dugo gang. Someone called home claiming my dad got into a car accident and was hiding, while my mom was in the hospital severely injured. Our helper broke down completely and thus fell into the caller's trap and did the following:
  • destroyed my mom's drawer containing all her jewelry and an envelope full of cash (na tigbe-bente lang at least)
  • unplugged all phone lines at home and also turned off her cellphone when she went out
  • agreed to not tell anyone especially my titos and titas because they might get worried
  • wrapped the packaged three times! 2 times over a plastic bag, then further sealed with tons of masking tape
  • met up with the caller at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth footbridge to hand over the package.
THANKFULLY, the meeting didn't happen as our helper felt restless while waiting at the bridge and the heat of the sun got her so itchy daw so she went home na lang. Yehey! When she got back she was beyond surprised to find we're already there and when she saw my mom her jaw dropped and told her how she's about to give all of her jewelry to a stranger! 

Was okay. We went to Chungdam Bridal Boutique to try out gowns. I liked a couple of dresses I wore but it's still beyond our budget so we'll see haha. Sunday
Was so-so. We finally reserved with Queensland, and even though I have a lot of reservations with them, go parin kasi Hizon's is so out of budget na for us and we couldn't find a better deal. Later that day we recomputed our wedding budget and while it looked okay, nakatipid nga kami, I was a bit disappointed that we still had to find a lot of other suppliers to cover for Queensland lack of options and insane delivery charges. Actually I'm trying to outsource as much as possible just to avoid dealing with them argh. 

The company held a town hall meeting revealing how bad we performed as a whole last year, and validated our hunches that we're not getting much in terms of bonus and incentives this year. F Duterte and Trump for scaring away our clients. So as you can see, that and the fact that our infra changed networks resulting to all of my favorite sites getting blocked, the working environment for me is getting a bit super sour. I have lost all motivation to work and is seriously considering leaving already. I've got my resume updated and has browsed a couple of openings at Jobstreet but most of the companies who got in touch with me are all from either Makati of McKinley, and I ain't got any more life left in me to journey there.

Tuesday and Wednesday
I still have no motivation to work whatsoever. The only seemingly productive things I did this week was help my younger team mates debug their scripts. Other than that I feel totally useless and not in the mood to do anything.

I got up early in hopes of playing badminton but none of the courts are open, so I just hung around at Jeckie's 'til dinner. Then I decided to come to the office early so I could finally work on the scripts that are bound to kick my ass next week.... and yeah, that's what I'm struggling to do until now. T___T

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