Finding the Best Wedding Gown Silhouette for your Body Shape

When I started wedding gown hunting, I pinned a lot of styles and inspirations from Pinterest, Google, and even online shops like Chic Mall. The result is a board overflowing with all my dream dresses. It was randomly arranged, no specific cut, theme, or fabric in mind. I just pinned those I thought would look good on me, or so I thought.

When the real hunt began, I became more and more disappointed with my choices. Everything I thought was pretty looked hideous with my body. 

This would be easier if I had booked a designer for my gown, but since I'm a budgetarian bride and is keen on saving money by renting or buying RTW instead, I had to do my own research.
So here are the most common body types and the corresponding styles that would flatter such figures. Let's start with mine!

1. Hourglass
LELZ. I'd like to think I'm the fat version of the hour-glass, 'cos according to my BCA (Body Composition Analysis), all my fats are distributed equally to all my limbs. This body type has a balanced top and bottom half, and a defined waist. A-Line gowns would work well on this body shape, it's narrow at the top and extends out to an A shape, hence the name.

It's flattering on almost any shape type making it the popular silhouette of choice.

2. Pear
Like the fruit itself, the bottom half is bigger than the top half. And because your hips are wider than your shoulders, ball gown skirts work best with this body type as it hides your hips and focuses on your top.

3. Apple
Full breasts, rounder hips and butt, and a bit of a tummy - if this is you then you've got an apple shaped body.

hochzeitsfeier schulterfreien weißen chic & moderne reißverschluss fallen bis sommer, bodenlangen kleid
hochzeitsfeier schulterfreien weißen chic & moderne reißverschluss fallen bis sommer, bodenlangen kleid
This body type works best with empire cuts as it emphasizes your bust and cuts your waist. A-Lines would work well on you too!

4. Inverted Triangle
The ideal shape for me only because I think they look sporty and fit! If your bottom half is smaller than your top, have little definition on the waist and hips, and have a straight and squared shoulder line - this could be you! My tip? Get a mermaid dress!

Mermaid gowns fit snugly to your body, highlighting your curves perfectly. It's fit on the waist and flares below the hips or down the knee, giving it a fish tail effect.

5. Rectangle
If you think that you don't have a lot of curves, have no defined waist, with your hips and shoulders approximately of the same width, then you most likely fall in this category. 

For rectangle shaped bodies, it's advisable to wear sheath type dresses. They're designed to fit close to the shape of your body. It's simple, comfortable to wear, and very easy to move around in, unlike other gowns with tons of layers!


If you're still unsure, don't be afraid to go out and try a lot of dress types and see what flatters you most. The most important thing is that you're happy with gown and comfortable too! Happy preps!

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