Juan Carlo the Caterer Food Tasting Experience

Didn't get Juan Carlo but was able to taste their dishes and check out their styling during the last Weddings and Debuts Fair this February. Here's how it went...

I personally had a hard time reaching out to them, they wouldn't respond to Facebook, and all my inquiries from their website were never answered. Maybe they can sense who among their inquirers can actually afford them. It was my first time talking to them during the fair, and I'm so sure it's because they had no choice haha. Knowing their clientele is full of celebrities, I already expected their rates to be over expensive. And I was right. The quote they gave us for 150pax amounted to close to ₱200k! No wonder their subtitle reads "Catering to those with a finer taste more to waste". What a bunch of elitists. Charoooot. I love them okay. Moving on.

On Styling

They're really good, but during the event it looks a bit too overdone. Too much hanging greens, tables are cluttered with centerpieces. This level of styling is an upgraded one, according to the AE, so I think their basic setup is very much okay already.

Hard to move around but it's okay. I understand the setup was made to cater as many couples as possible.

I like the theme. It's like enchanted rustic garden.

More centerpieces! 

And now, the food
Spoiler: EVERYTHING TASTED SOOO GOOD. There wasn't a single dish I didn't like. Partida the food was even served cold but I didn't mind, since I was told before na it's best to consume sample foods when they're cold so you can judge the flavor better.

Their Creamy Pumpkin Soup is indeed super creamy and flavorful.

What's on my plate: 
♥ 4-hour Braised Beef in Brown Sauce - it's soooooo amazing until now I can't forget about the taste. Parang lengua ewan ko ba haha
♥ German Style Roast Chicken - I love it. Madaming herbs haha
♥ Roast Pork with Prunes and Walnuts - Very unique. Very sosyal. 
♥ Nowegian Pink Salmon in Tequila Resposado Cream Sauce - Super fancy name for a basic salmon in cream sauce I'd say, but still I love the taste!
♥ Buttered vegetables is buttered vegetables lol.
♥ The Aglio Olio was sooo yummy as well. I mean it's the most basic of pastas but the salty garlic flavor on this one was so prominent. And the pasta was al dente.


♥ Pandan Pancotta - MY FAVORITE
Tropical Fruit Pavlova - aka merengue, not so much a fan of this but ang sarap din
Mango Cheesecake - I remember this was too sweet hehe


Aaaand that's pretty much it. If your budget allows, go ahead and get Juan Carlo the Caterer for your wedding. You'll not be disappointed with their food. As for us budgetrian brides, tikim tikim na lang! :D

Get in touch
Address: 24B Jamboree St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Tel: (02) 929 - 3674 / (02) 416 - 5134
Web: www.juancarlo.ph

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