Blocked and loaded

... with anger.

So our company decided to go on a blocking spree recently, adding Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram to the list.

Like. Why.

I already let it pass (lol like I can do anything) that Facebook was blocked, 'cos for some reason it didn't affect, so I'm okay. I can still communicate. But now that it is, I'm totally pissed.

But really, it's because it's killing my sideline and my imaginary social life.

☠ FB Messenger - I use to communicate with my clients
☠ Instagram - I use to browse for art inspiration. And furniture too, heh ❤
☠ Twitter - How the hell is Twitter eating up bandwidth? Okay it has videos, but do you really go there to watch videos? I go there to rant. And I can't do it right now. So I'm fuming guys.

And just now, I realized they've blocked Lazada, OLX, and Metrodeal too.

I'm done
What am I gonna do in the office now? Work!?

Kidding aside, it's not all bad. For one, I get to rant on this blog again. LOL

So what now, do I feel less distracted? More focused? More productive? Hell no. now I'm wasting my free time just looking at the ceiling, wondering if there's an end to all this.

Lord, let it stop. It's bad for business (mine and theirs).

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