[Food Phase Fridays] Potato Corner

Potato Corner has been around since 1992 and has since opened over 300 branches worldwide. They were one of the first to introduce flavored french fries in the country after getting the idea from flavored popcorn which was quite a hit that time. Also, they're one of the pioneering food cart businesses in the Philippines, garnering rows of awards from the Philippine Franchise Association and the Department of Trade and Industry. In 2006 they started expanding to other countries and opened up 10 outlets in Indonesia! Now, they have presence in Malaysia, Panama, and the US. :)

Did you know that their official mascot is named Spudster? :D

There was an entire week I got addicted to Potato Corner's Mega Fries (barbecue + sour cream) because it was so delicious and accessible (conveniently located at our building's canteen plus it's basically everywhere) I just couldn't miss it every time I'm craving for something salty, which, during that time was pretty much daily.

I had to be reminded to quit this food phase cos I was gaining pounds by the day. Seriously. It was hard, but then I moved on to my next food phase sooooo yeah. Haha watch out for it on the next Food Phase Fridays!

You know when you're stressed everyday and you have no one to turn to but food? Those were the days (or months). This was my comfort food cos it was literally comforting to eat! Their barbecue flavor is my favorite cos it has a great balance of sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness! <3

Here are their current prices:

Large Fries - Php 48
Jumbo Fries - Php 79
Mega Fries - Php 99
Giga Fries - Php 169
Tera Fries - Php 199

They also offer other food products like hashbrown, lollipops, loopy fries, etc. But really, just go for the regular fries haha.

Food Phase Fridays is a blog series featuring the different foods I've grown addicted to for some time! Learn more about them here or join in the fun by making your own Food Phase series! 

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