A couple of logos

Tilde's Peanut Butter
For my auntie's small peanut butter business. Supposed to be turned to stickers but never got the time to seek suppliers out. IT'S THE BEST PEANUT BUTTER EVER. I swear it's my favorite peanut butter to date, I'm not even trying to sell it okay haha

You should try it :D You can order from me btw but it won't have a logo hehe

Glacial Fire Samoyeds
One of my friends commissioned me to create a logo for his kennel. When it was finished he shared it on facebook and I got commissioned to do another by a common friend! Yeyy! Here's the 'another' haha Referrals are heaven sent!



Because of this project I learned how to 1) do the text wrap thingy effect where you get the text to fill the spaces inside a shape whatever. I used it to arrange the letters on the first three variations. Sucks I didn't bookmark the tutorial, I already forgot how do to it. I think it's type > convert to smart object > warp? Okay. 

Another technical learning is 2) arranging text on a circle. The 'Samoyed' text on the 4th image is quite a bummer to place! The tutorial I got was so confusing and I didn't know how to describe my problem to google.. uhm how to arrange text on a circle? Whatever, I got it to work but... hm let me remember how. Circle > type > select type layer > select direct selection tool > hover on the text path until the pointer shows a left-right arrow > arrange. Haha hope it's right.


On another note, I'm starting on a coloring book project! It's kindof a sequel to my last children's book project but this time it's gonna be just lines. duh. It may sound easy to just remove the colors and add strokes but sadly it's not. Since I'm bad at layering and preserving outlines, I have to retrace the entire thing and add a couple more elements to match the client's preferred theme. :) I'm excited cos I've never done a coloring book. I've managed to figure out a process in my head, but I'm sure google has more efficient ways to teach me. :) 

I seriously need more design jobs, it's the only thing keeping my creativity from rusting out haha.

By the way, Super Labandera is turning into a plushie! Yeyy! 

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