The Sunday Currently (vol. 15)


Nothing... but I plan to continue on The Graveyard Book tonight. I need to lull myself for a 5am call time tomorrow. XD

Nothing! XD

The faaaan

About my weight. HAHA Haynako sobrang ewan ko ba. Sarap kumain. Katamad mag exercise. I was only able to attend zumba once last week and it was such a struggle having to convince my lazy ass to work out. The thought of walking back to the terminal to get home just dreads me so. It's so far eh. Katamad?! I'm thinking about following diet plans AGAIN but haynako is there any cure for katamaran and poverty? char. I want to try slimming pills ulit like LIPO6 cos that truly worked for me but idk my boyfriend won't approve. >XD Hirap magpa-payat no?

Nothing, but thanks for reminding me! Spritzing on my citrus sanitizer from Human Nature because hmmmmmmm I love the citronella-lemongrass combo XD

I had a lot of money as usual. Like 5 million, that should be enough for a new car, my parent's retirement house, and apartment building costs. Hay life.

Sando and shorts

I don't really know. I love what I've been eating recently but they're all too unhealthy for me haha
Oh wait let's not be so nega here... I LOVE  LIKE THIS RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM SMART:

Finally, a legit reason to switch! I've always wanted to switch to Smart cos it has the best signal here in our area and I figured I could always subscribe to their TRINET--- Oh wait... I haven't confirmed if it's only for UNLI call & text promos and not TRINET. Huhu sayang. :( I hope they push the same promo for TRINET naman! How hard could it be? Charrr. Not one to say haha

When I was working for them, I recalled thinking "bakit kasi may prefix prefix pa" --- cos we had to create modules to handle them, extracting the actual dialed numbers, removing the prefix and all so we can make us of the data for development. At least now they would have fewer numbers to normalize! Yeyy devs, rejoice! Okay, that was a flashback. I'm not missing dev work. LOL.

So yeah, that's good news but until I confirm it stretches to TRINET promos as well, I can't officially love this announcement haha.

The Sony Xperia Z5 Compact IF IT IS INDEED coming out with a dual sim variant. I could probably work with it being 4.6" inches, it's still frkn too big for me, but....argh.. high end dual sim!

To download new Just Dance videos just so I could excite myself to do some workout. OA talaga yung pagka-tamad ko magworkout, I swear. T__T I want to join a sport but I hate making effort if it's too far or too early for my own liking.

HUNGRY. Oh no haha.

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