to magnum and simsimi post "haters"

 i know that what you really hate is not your friends nor their posts but the fact that the two topics are getting too much undeserved attention from the conventional norm. i also understand that you are, just as majority of your friends are, just practicing your free will and freedom of expression by posting how you're getting fed up with your news feed being flooded by simsimi screenshots and vanity ice cream pics. i also know for sure that one day, the hype with die a natural death and our timelines will adapt to a new trend which will be of the same fate as justin bieber who is now only being appreciated at 9gag hahaha. trending topics follow a similar process in economy called the "business cycle", except that it's a process not a cycle and there is not a recovery period. then again so called haters whether you like it or not, by showing your disgust you are only feeding the trolls and adding more search result pages on google. as for Selecta and SimSimi Inc, there's not much to hate, bad publicity is still publicity.

and can i just say this, i really enjoyed magnum ice cream (almond!) HAHAHAHA sobrang sarap kaya! kebs kung 50 pesos! kung makapag dilly bar nga kayo dyan eh. sos.

so my advice(s?):
IF you're a graduating student from my batch, PAY THE YEARBOOK FEE OF 1,500 >XD
ELSE if you know a graduating student from my batch, tell him/her to PAY THE YEARBOOK FEE OF 1,500 >XD



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