no srsly.

the pressure is building up!

ewan ko ba but everytime i do some photoshopping i always get inspired to live a life of a freelance artist or a freelance something-that-has-to-do-with-designing-or-layouting BUT knowing myself i can't be secured with just that, there's hardly any cash in there unless i'm big enough. i want to be financially secured in the future, i want a stable income (from a regular job) and a passive income (from investments). i want to be able to budget for my needs and not be out of cash. and with that, i don't think i'm brave enough to prioritize my "passion" (whatever) knowing that it's gonna cost me more that i could earn from it.

there are times, emo times, when i imagine myself running away from home and living on my own without my parents' support. the first thing i always worry about is money, i budget how much it's gonna cost me to rent a room, pay for electricity and water and feed myself. if a decent room in this kind of metro is like 3,000 then water and electricity combined is an additional 1000 (more or less) then that's already 4000 a month. plus food with a budget of 150/day... that's 4,500 a month on top of the 4000. so in order to survive a month i must be earning at least 8,500. adding contingency allowance for operational expenses like transportation and stuff, say 1,500 a month...that's already 10,000.

a minimum wage earner earns around 12,000 a month. minus tax, philhealth, sss, tithes and whatever... net income more or less drops to 10,000. assuming that i earn minimum, the cost of living alone is just enough. HAHA that computation made me slightly secured that i could make it on my own. if i could get hired in a day at a call center, and perhaps earn slightly above minimum, i could cover all my expenses and still have a bit for savings. LOL

yknow, maybe i should thesis haha

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