proud daughter! >XD

here at makati shang for mommy's awarding, it's a yearly thing the whole family is always looking forward to! free hotel accommodation and best of all, complimentary buffet breakfast! that means free EAT ALL YOU CAN at HEAT! i don't even know how cool that restaurant is, but since it's inside a 5 star hotel, maybe it's some kind of a Spiral at Sofitel. lol who cares, i can't wait to eat! Hihihi

i'm so lucky that we get to experience such things! this is luxury night and i want to enjoy it but terai is down with mommy where the party is and i want to swim and eat and blaaaah but i figured, i could just enjoy the night by... watching Gossip Girl S02 or by doing thesis *chokes*

uggh, nevermind! GG time! >XD

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