How to Openline your Smart Bro ZTE MF100

Here's a tip for all of you out there who want to get their usb broadband sticks openlined:


If you could afford it, just buy a new stick! A lot of things get compromised when you get your unit openlined and here are just a few (2 actually), but very important things that may happen to your unit that you wouldn't wanna risk:

1. the autorun may get deleted
which brings about 3 consequences:

  • your broadband software will not auto-install or auto-read when you plug it. in short, it will not be plug-n-play anymore.
  • the memory card slot will also lose its functionality since the autorun was removed.
  • your usb stick will not be read in other PCs, unless a version of the broadband software you're using is previously installed.


i have not proven this yet but upon having my smart bro openlined and trying it with a sun cellular sim, connection hasn't been decent EVER SINCE. and when i say not decent, it's like you only get a good speed for 10 seconds maximum, then it drops to 0 ad infinitum... then the speed bursts for a good 10 seconds again before it plummets down to hell yet again for an infinitely painstaking time.

in short, it's useless for other networks. i know because i've tried the sun sim using sun broadband usb (not openlined) and the connection is good! take note too that i'm using the right network configuration settings for my sun sim.

there you go! don't be like me!

everytime you think of geting your MF100 openlined, DON'T. haha

and i'm freaking serious and furious and anxious to get back to my smartbro plan 999 but am friggin discouraged because the 'product support' person at SM Fairview is freaking hostile. fudge him.

k. gotta post this before the connection dies again.


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