hotel hotel thesis thesis kain kain

haaay buhay

#1: we're still freaking clueless about thesis, our system is nonexistent and we're kindof only putting the bulk on the GUI cos that's the best we could put our efforts into. whew. final defense is on saturday, i dunno how we're gonna fare. i'm in between a suicidal week of trying to get some good progress with thesis and trying to shed some fats before sunday (impossiburuuu) AAAAALL in the presence of bad habits like sleeping too late and eating too much (when there's take home food). HAHAHA

our thesis' main menu frame

#2: march 6-7 was probably the coolest of all! it's philamlife's national recognition program and mommy is an awardee again so we get free overnight accommodation at makati shang! >XD terai escorted mommy so i was left at the hotel to chill with daddeh

best part, of course, was the complimentary buffet breakfast. this time they ushered us to Circles instead of the The Heat (like last year) where terai and i ate plates upon plates upon plates of whatever they have to offer, kelangan sulitin ang mga ganitong bagay kasi once a year lang! haha >XD

 #3: march 21 - i escorted daddy in another awards night! hurray hurray for foooooddd! >XD it was held at H2O hotel, no free accommodation but because of the corporate event, we were entitled to a 50% discount on of their room packages! edi shempre go na! i know H2O hotel is one of those unique hotels with aquarium themed rooms. we got an aqua room na mejo disappointing hahaha it's the 2nd cheapest room among 5 room types ata and the only special thing about it is that it has an aquarium on the wall! hahaha so much for 6,400something! i would've appreciated the Parkview room, the cheapest, because of the floor to ceiling window para sa Sofitel lang. pero eto, maliit na yung room, lalo pang nagmukang maliit dahil sa aquarium. hahahaha arte arte much

besides that, errr, amenities are kindof kulang... as an in house guest you're only entitled to free use of the gym and pool. no sauna, steam bath, and courts hahaha demanding eh no. it doesn't really feel like a hotel cos it was situated at a mall complex with ocean adventure oceanarium chuva and it was small. anyway, di naman yata 5star to kaya kebs lang. ang pinunta ko naman talaga dun ay eto...

well, hindi ito
complimentary buffet breakfast at Makan Makan asian food village! yummehhhh

kaaay sarap kumain! >XD
and after eating, before checking out. check out the awesome pool yo!

ayun. kapagod. kabusog!

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