Singapore Day 5: Gardens by the Bay, Satay by the Bay

Our last agenda for our Singapore trip is visiting Gardens by the Bay. Again, we got our tickets from Klook. Super duper helpful app if you're traveling! Tickets are separate for the Cloud Forest and Flower dome and each cost around ₱600-800.

There's a lot of walking involved in this visit so make sure to wear comfy clothes and shoes!

Cloud Forest

This man-made conservatory is conditioned to imitate the humidity and temperature levels of tropical mountain highlands creating a viable environment for lush vegetation and a variety of flowers!

This is truly an amazing place. Everything just puts you in awe. The waterfalls, the mist, the ferns and trees growing inside. Everything is magical.

Flower Dome

Singapore's Flower Dome is actually named as the largest glass greenhouse in the world as of 2015. You can find several gardens inside. There's an array of succulents, baobabs, olive groves, and a vast flower field too. 

When we visited the theme is still Chinese New Year so the place was full of lanterns, flower arcs, and other CNY things.

Satay by the Bay

After touring the two domes we decided to eat somewhere. There were a couple of restaurants at the Gardens complex but Jeckie was intrigued by Satay by the Bay. I wasn't up for some satay specifically but we still decided to follow the signs leading to it, in hopes of finding something good to eat.

Lo and behold, Satay by the Bay is actually a hawker. They could've added a description you know! It was a loooong long walk from the dome but who cares, we're hungry!

If this wasn't such a long way from the city center this would have been my favorite hawker instead of Lau Pa Sat.

Supertree Grove

By the time we finished eating, it was about time for the Garden Rhapsody lights and sound show. There are several supertrees planted around the Gardens but 12 of them can be found at Supertree Grove. The place is free to access since it's at one of the open areas, unless you want to walk at the OCBC Skyway to get up close and personal with the trees.

The trees are gorgeous. You can see them even if you're outside the Gardens but it's still a different experience looking at them up close. They're so mesmerizing.

Aaand that's it. You can probably say I was rushing to finish this entry because it's been long overdue, AND YOU'RE RIGHT. I wanted to get over my SG diary already because I know I'll forget about it soon! 

Nonethess, this was one of my favorite days. We were Manila bound the following day and it was great to cap off our trip by visiting one of the country's top landmarks. 


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