Singapore Day 4: Universal Studios

Our Day 4 in Singapore is all about touring Universal Studios! I've been here 2 years ago but only at the gate to take photos haha. Now I'm actually going in! We got our tickets from Klook for around around ₱2,700. Note that this doesn't include express pass and the Sentosa Station train ride from Vivo City Mall. 

Going to Universal Studios is super easy (as is going anywhere in SG lol), just navigate your way to Vivo City Mall either via bus or train then ride the Sentosa Express inside the mall going to Resorts World Sentosa. Go down at the first station and you can walk to Universal Studios entrance from there. If you got off at the wrong stop (like we did), don't worry because you can walk your way back to Universal Studios without having to ride the train again hehe. Once you're at the island everything's connected hehe.

What surprised me with the park is that it's actually smaller than expected. Enchanted Kingdom is so much bigger and has more rides. Not that it's disappointing, the rides at Universal are definitely much better.

I love that there are lockers available for rides where you're not allowed to bring your belongings. It's free for a certain amount of time and it's super high tech too! Some lockers require your fingerprint, and some require pin codes. It's so cool.

Rides we tried:

TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

Rode this twice because it was so good!

Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON™

Jeckie was afraid to try this but I encouraged him anyway! We went for the Human side because it seemed less scary? We both loved it but the ride was too short, it was barely even a minute!

Revenge of the Mummy™

This is probably the one I got scared with the most mostly because it's a ride in the dark with unexpected dips! Mygaaahd! 

Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey

Ah this one's a bit boring, wouldn't recommend this for adults. Line was too long and the ride was okay at best. Good for kids but not for adults looking for a thrilling and a gut-wrenching experience.

Shows we watched:

Shrek 4-D Adventure

Another boring one. Basically a short 4-D film. Lines too long and the cinema is too packed. Maybe good for kids.


We were 15 mins late when the live show started but we still enjoyed it!

Yeah so I guess we didn't ride a lot! But at least we were able to cross out most of the good rides for adults. We were there for maybe 2 to 3 hours only but we definitely enjoyed every minute of it! We avoided wet rides because we didn't bring spare clothes. We were super amazed at how organized the rides are. The queue areas are so well designed and snaking through the lanes is an experience in itself. Definitely coming back!


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