Hey Monday!

This day was interesting.

Everybody knows about the earthquake earlier. It was probably the strongest I've felt so far. I was at the office that time, and looking out the window I could see people swarming down below observing the swaying buildings. We weren't told to evacuate so we just stayed in our seats and even tried to make light of the situation. We were gossiping and making chika pa nga to each other, as usual. We were scared but we weren't in panic. Which is wrong. Whatever happened to duck, cover, and hold?!

I don't know how to feel about the lack of alarm in our faces. I felt like oh wow this is a strong earthquake but I know it's gonna stop soon so should I worry? I clearly underestimated the situation. The truth is I may not know how to react properly if something more grave hits us. Oh Lord. :( I was imagining if the shaking didn't stop for more than 5 minutes I'd be freaking out for real. Yikes. Back at work, we had a meeting about RPA. My manager informed me this afternoon that he couldn't make it so that made me frkn worried. What if they ask questions I can't answer? There are some meetings I can't take without my manager because how am I to survive without his guidance and his bigger grasp of things, you know what I mean, the top level managerial stuff I'm obviously oblivious to cos I'm just the downline who takes orders and does things?! lol

And his protection too, like you know I'm a big 'yes man' and I could really need a hand that says "STOP, my resource is getting overloaded let's talk about this some other time" --- things like that! I knew he was an important part of the meeting, I think he's supposed to be the main guy in that discussion but oh well. Good thing he brought in my senior. I was so relieved to share the burden of explaining things I'm not too confident about hehe.

Turns out the meeting was about something else. Something bigger. Maybe exciting. Definitely puts pressure on us as the technical resource. The ideas I got on the table were pretty overwhelming. Whew.

On another note, I had quite an eventful weekend!

We attended a wedding!

At Estancia de Lorenzo

Yesterday, Jeckie and I attended the wedding of one of our good friends in college, Bon and Edlaine. It was a happy moment finally seeing them tie the knot! The wedding was beautiful, they were both so stunning (I'm more partial to Edlaine of course haha), and the venue was perfect. ❤

Staycation at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas!

Jeckie and I decided to book a biglaang staycation at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. I'm a fan of staycations and this one's just 5 minutes away from home so I was sold. I used to underestimate this hotel. People say it's a 5-star hotel but I couldn't believe it because from the road the lobby looks really small and at night its exterior walls are decked with these multicolored LED lights that always makes me cringe. Doesn't look elegant to me tbh! 

But boy was I wrong. The place truly impresses. But more on that on a different post! :)

New hair color!

L'Oreal's Ultra Light Golden Brown on me

I bought a different shade this time and had my husband color my hair ❤. It's pretty easy anyway it's just hard to do it yourself! A box is enough for my medium length hair so I didn't think of having myself serviced at a salon. That's around ₱2,000 versus this box which is ₱399 only hehe. On the color though, I don't totally like it cos I think it looks too light for my face but kebs. I wanted it more brownish but I guess I was wrong picking a "golden" brown shade huhu. Will try another color next time!

Bought a faucet-mounted water filter!

This one's a great purchase! I can't believe we just learned about faucet-mounted water purifiers. This invention saves us a lot of effort going back and forth to the water station to fetch our provision. This also saves us money from sourcing drinking water outside when the water station is closed during holidays or whatever. Best of all, it's freaking space saving seeing that I don't have to keep our ugly blue water container on the table anymore! Will review this one on a separate post! FYI this unit is called the IVO Faucet Mounted Water Purifier, got it for ₱1,980 at TrueValue. Also available on OShopping :)

How was your week so far? :)

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