Lexcode’s Les Miserables Blocked Screening Contest Promo

my sister is a sucker for period films and this is one movie she's been waiting for for months, and what makes it really special is that it's showing right on her 24th birthday! it would be an awesome gift to win a pair of tickets from Lexcode’s Les Miserables Blocked Screening Contest Promo. that way i wouldn't have to spend for 2 movie tickets and snacks (haha)!

wonder how i learned about this promo? I SEARCHED FOR IT. seriously, i'm not exactly a movie buff so i'm not the type to spend money on movies, and when my sister watched the trailer she knew she had to block her schedule on that special day, she was so excited, and i knew this has to be my gift to her. and because i'm quite a budgetarian (haha), i figured there has to be online promos about this movie because it's so going be a hit! a voila, Lexcode's (@lexcodeinc) generosity hit the search pages through this blog entry i found at The Intersections and Beyond (@ronivalle)

So there you go, crossing my fingers on my two tickets! hehe

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