i have a dream

and that dream is to have at least 1 million in investments! i want to buy a car and at least 200 square meters of land where my house will be. i want all thaaaaat, but as a young professional, even if i worked an entire 24 hours a day, i wouldn't even lay close to that goal if all i did was SAVE. but you see, my parents are financial planners (and i am too, except that i'm still half baked on the concept) and they're in an industry whose purpose is to help people grow their money, not just by saving but also by investing (in penny stocks yo).

here's a simple difference, savings is straightforward. what you save is what you get. but investments are different, what you put in there may or not be what you'll get back in a year. it could be more, it could be less, you could earn double, but it could also drop to 0. in short, there is no guarantee. we call it high-risk, high-yield plans. along with that risk of losing is the hope of earning much more than you could have saved on your own.

but of course, you're not coming into this empty handed (with just hope and risk haha). there are many ways you can quantify that hope. if you're a trader, you can watch the stock market go up and down, you can observe various stock picks, and you can get advice from a lot of trading professionals and individuals out there.

there's so much you can do with your money that letting it sit on the bank which promises no more than 2.75% annual interest, when in reality inflation can shoot up to 3%. that leaves your money with a diminished purchasing power you know! so think it over. diversify your funds. take the risk. INVEST >:D

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