catching up <3

hey it's my sister's birthday today! mommy just left for hong kong earlier and i didn't want terai to spend her birthday alone so i came so early here in the office (after sending mommy to the airport) so i could go home early too and spend the rest of the afternoon watching Les Miserables with her! gaaah i'm excited hahaha and yeah, ikr? i'm the sweetest sister ever!!! haha don't tell her that, she'll choke. i kinda did too.

hey hey, this is the earliest i've worked (so far) like 5am hihi so while waiting for the coffee to settle in my nerves (you see i still have a freaking lot to do but my eyes are all down and drowsy.slept at 12, woke up at 230. grarr) imma watch pretty little liars! >XD

speaking of! oh finally i'm catching up on PLL! i'm on season 2 episode 23! a few more hours to go and i'm bound for the 3rd season which sucks cos it hasn't been completed yet so i'm kinda in for a very long wait (hey but at least i'm updated haha). hay. just like korra. haha see now, the problem with finally catching up on your favorite series is waiting for the next installments to arrive! it can be very frustrating. so, after PLL season 2, i'm gonna stop and wait for the entire season 3 to finish (maybe) first, then.. hello torrent!

hey! here's a crazy dream, i want to cosplay korra in the future (and jeckie will be my naga... or appa! bwaha joke)! which is why i'll try not to cut my hair short every 3 months hehe. and i'll also try my best to lose weight, tone up...and, and... WATERBEND! that would be totally cool. there were quite a number of times i hated her guts but well... i really like the story. and the graphics, specially the backgrounds... it was painted really well! >8D amazing artists!

hey hey again. i'm really starting to get hooked on the concept of investments, or specifically, STOCKS! both of my parents are financial planners so saving is already a part of my lifestyle. they're the ones who pushed me AGAINST MY WILL to commit into saving 5k a month to pay for my mutual funds. believe me, it was hard. that 5k means a lot. but eventually i learned to budget and live with just my net income. but just now, i was able to look into my policy and saw that that i've already saved 25k! i was shocked, i couldn't have saved that much on my own bank account and not touch it. seriously, i have like 3 atms labeled as 'allowance', 'personal' and 'savings (do not touch)' but i never stayed true to the latter's label. why? because it's in the bank! and banks are for short-term, volatile savings. meaning, there is so much temptation in it, you can withdraw anytime. blah blah blah... my point is. if you really want long term savings, INVEST on mutual funds. i'm saying stocks. with our country's bull marketing economy, there is no better moment to invest but now. but i'll cut you all the hassle of watching the stock market fluctuate and guarding the state of your shares all the time. invest at Philamlife and pass on the worry to our reliable fund managers. i can help you, i'm a registered financial planner! call me, maybe? 


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