2013 Daily To-do List (instead of the usual NY Resolutions)

I figured, instead of creating a new year's resolution (which usually gets ignored for the rest of the year), i'd turn it into a 2013 Daily To-do List so i get to check myself everyday. Hardly any progress is done on my NY resolutions and it's totally uncool how i keep on repeating the same "promises" every year like nothing happened, like 12 months isn't enough to resolve what needs resolution when in fact that's already one hell of a year. I believe a to-do list is more practical and more challenging if we really want to work on the stuff we promised to work on EVERY YEAR. The items are pretty much the same, just redefined to fit into a do-able daily activity in order to reach a bigger goal which is the usual "resolution".

1. be more hydrated
drink at least 1.5 liters of water everyday, that means i have to be able to refill my water bottle at the office for 3 times. Also, whenever i feel the need to pee, i must drink water first so my bladder is kept hydrated always. haha i know 2 liters is the recommended minimum but i can't commit to that just yet. i'm hardly a water person so imma start with 3 bottles first! haha >XD

2. be fit!
that means 500 counts of alternate knee raises every day in the office. that's the least i can commit to for now haha
i dunno how you call it, it's just doing something like bicycle paddles... irdk. basta yon. i've been in a sedentary lifestyle since i started working and there's barely time for me to exercise so i did a research on stuff i can do to keep my body uhm, stretched? and yeah, i found that haha
counts != to seconds though hahaha, it's just me counting how many raises i've done. of course i'll distribute that 500 into hundreds and do it like every 2 hours... or something? haha >XD

3. quit nail biting
i'll keep a daily tab of this... starting tomorrow LOL cos i just like involuntary bit my nail just now. argh. >:(

4. devo daily and sincerely
i'm heavily guilty of using my daily readings as a sleeping pill. while it's pretty effective for the past months, that's the devil's work and i can't allow such heresy to ruin my spiritual life. so from now on, i'll keep it a point to really take my devotions seriously. tita ruth gave me an awesome book, Experiencing God (Daily Devotionals) by Henry and Richard Blackaby, and so far since January 1 i've been thoroughly blessed by the message i get daily.

5. sleep at 10pm
gone with the 12mn limit, let's lower it down to 2 hours and be at bed at 10PM. of course, this goes to say that the maximum time i can stay in the office to be home before 10 is 7pm. hehe that gives me to time to organize myself (ie. change clothes, eat dinner, and clean my stuff) and do my devotions hehe.

6. at least 1 good deed a day (priority: strangers)
even though i believe i'm a "naturally" good person (HA-HA-HA), i would still want to do so some small volunteer good work around me (not on an organizational level tho), on top of the involuntary good things i do HAHAHA like you know, holding my sarcasm to some irritating good friends, or or... okay, fine. not much goodness in me i guess? which makes this to-do item so so valid. haha it doesn't matter to whom the act is targeted to or how big it is, as long as it's good and i was able to help... i'm cool. i just want to end each day knowing i did something good to others. what really inspired me to do this is this video, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151211016113780 it's not really hard to follow is it? plus it'll make the world a much a better place to live in!

7. at least 1 artwork a month
so i'd have 12 by the end of the year and be able to do a personalized calendar with it! haha >XD that's one of the goals though more importantly, i'd like to keep my creative juices flowing and remind myself that on top of everything else, i'm really an artist at heart.

That's pretty much all i have in mind! >XD quite a challenging list for me but nothing I can't do with proper discipline and faith (in God, in humanity and in myself that i can do this)! >XD

Good vibes, everyone!

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