Wasn't able to enjoy Christmas at all because I got sick on the 24th so I had to rest until the 27th. I was only able to come to work yesterday because I'm afraid of incurring anymore unpaid leaves huhu. It's the same diagnosis year after year after year. I can't remember any other illness I had that has nothing to do with my throat (except for chickenpox 4 years ago). I feel bad that my husband and I weren't able to join any family reunion because he has to attend to me. But I'm thankful because at least we were able to dine with our families together before I got sick. And they all went to visit us multiple times this week to check up on me, with my sister even staying the entire day (despite her first day of bloody hell) to nurse me while my husband is at work. So yeah, super thankful! But still could've been more fun. I'm not really in the mood to do any recount of what's happened this year, but I'll indulge given that there's really only a few things that spun my life for that majority of 2017.

First is our wedding.
Next is my moving to a new company.
And finally, married life.

I won't elaborate hahaha I'm so tamad.

Right now I'm trying to condition my mind to let out more creative juices for this logo project I wanted to accomplish before the year ends. It's only been 2 months since my last design gig and I'm already experiencing a major drought in the right hemisphere of my brain.

It could be because I've been writing more than designing lately so the gears are working the wrong quadrant. According to my freelance activity logs, of the 3 sidelines I do (blogging, writing, designing), 48% of my total income came from writing, 27% from designing, and 25% from blogging.

This is the first time I actively monitored my freelance earnings and I'm pretty proud that I've earned 94k this year. It may be small compared to other passion projects out there by my goal is to just reach 100k so I'm already good with that figure even though it's 6k short haha. And besides not all contracts have been paid in full so I can say I've closed over a hundred thousand worth of projects this year. I can't believe it when I saw the numbers rising. But on the other hand I was hoping it was passive income instead. So I didn't have to work extra hours. :(

I only want one thing next year: good health. When you're sick you get to appreciate your health a lot. And I did. I was in the middle of a 48 hour bed rest and I'm being plagued by the articles, logos, and illustrations I have to work on. Filing for sick leave was a necessary sacrifice but I was tormented at the thought of it. That's 2 days off my paycheck. My paycheck that's only enough for our bills. When you're sick it's not the disease that cripples you. It's worry.

So Lord, I just want to be healthy this year please! <3


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