I'm typing this entry with my middle finger raised, in protest of the pain I'm feeling right now. But really it's because I can't type with the said finger and had to raise it to break muscle memory hehe. You see, my middle finger got cut while I was unclogging our bathroom sink last night. I was already grossed out having to scrub the insides of our pipes with my bare hands, then I just had to incur a minor cut that burned like hell. All that gunk and an open wound and the gross levels rose to a million. I can't even. Hahaha. I don't even know what that even means. Needless to say, I learned a lot that day. I fixed two problems in the house last night. Our broken freezer door and yeah our freaking bathroom sink. My lips were curled in the disgust the whole time but it needs to be done. We're having guests over this weekend, that's why. LOL.

In fairness, it wasn't that dirty, it's just the strainer that needs to be cleaned. But fkn strainer is buried so deep and is part of the popup stopper thing (I need to know how it's officially called) so I really had to make my fingers work down there yuck. Even the drain snake I bought was useless because it barely fits in the strainer holes. Whatever.

My husband is currently sick, if you're wondering.

Funny how a small cut could affect my productivity so much. You know when you have to rely on your keyboard to get you through the day but you only have 90% of your hands working? Doesn't seem like much of a pitfall but my typing prowess relies heavily on 100% functioning hands and I don't have that right now. I can't believe how alarming the difference is. It's like, I forgot to tpye al o f a sddn.

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