[Quick Tour] Kinetix Lab at UP AyalaLand TechnoHub

Last year, the space at 2/F TechnoHub was occupied by Quantum Fitness (quick tour here)! I thought it would motivate me to work out, but it never happened (what's new). A year later, the sign was put down, the ring was taken out, and they reopened as Kinetix Lab. They started renovating - installing rows of warm pin lights, restructuring the facade, expanding the lounge. I can tell cos I usually see the construction going on every night whenever I walk out for lunch (or midnight chow, considering my shift). It looked really inviting. I felt my fats tremble.

A few days ago, I chanced upon this promo on MetroDeal offering 30% Off One Month Unlimited Access at Kinetix Lab for P1820 and thought it's a good reason to check out the gym! Kinetix Lab sits inside our business park complex so it's ideally located for someone like me who's too lazy to go anywhere to get a sweat. I thought a super near gym would help me push my weight loss goals and inspire me to take this Biggest Loser challenge I got myself into with my teammates more seriously (like I would), but yeah, we'll see!

I was disappointed to learn that they took the ring out, they probably lost the Elorde franchise (I don't know). Sayang 'cos I think it's a good selling point. I've always wanted to try boxing pa naman, charot.

Anyway, facilities!
But first, their current rates and group exercise time table. Sorry for the size, feel free to zoom in by clicking on the picture.

Currently they offer the following group classes: Cycling, Bootcamp, Zumba, Yoga, Hiphop, Cardio Kickboxing, Circuit, and Piloxing. If classes are your thing, I think their schedule is packed enough.

I dropped in around 12 midnight, I thought they were open 24hrs but the guy at the reception said they're getting there soon. He's also overseeing the construction so the lights are still on. He was kind enough to let me in to take pictures and also explain about their facilities though, yey. :)

Here's the lounge. It used to be smaller and has only a couple of high chairs, not quite for lounging, so this is definitely an improvement!

This is where the boxing ring used to be,

Weights area,

Spinning room for cycling classes,

The space outside the studio,

Aaand the ongoing locker/shower room renovation. Their lockers are digitally locked by the way!

That's it! 
I personally think it's still a tad bit too expensive, but not if you're after the group classes. If you manage to be present at least 5 days a week and is on the ₱2,600.00/month membership plan, each class would only cost you ₱130.00. Not bad.

If you want more affordable options, you may check MetroDeal if the promo is still open (last time I checked it's valid til September 30). Quantum Fitness is also a KFit partner establishment, I'm not sure if it was reinstated as Kinetix Lab, but there are still active classes available for booking in their site. :)

Location and Contact
Kinetix Lab
2/F UP - AyalaLand TechnoHub
Commonwealth Ave., Diliman, Q.C.
Kinetix Lab

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