A Safer Drive Home

Yesterday I noticed that MMDA has extended the barrier at Commonwealth cor. Central Ave. so that all vehicles coming from Central would turn right inside the PUV lanes. That's where I got into an accident a month back because I was turning right and outside the barrier so I could reach the nearest U-turn. Now I have to cruise all the way to Philcoa to make that turn, which is actually safer, for all its worth.

For some reason I was relieved. Sure it has added a few hundred meters to my usual drive home, but the feeling that they protected me (and others) from getting into another accident from that spot pacified my nerves. Ever since the accident I became wary of that place, and now my mind is at peace. Naks, thanks MMDA!

But then, even if they didn't extend the barrier, the longer but safer route has always been available, right? Yeah but people always chose the shorter but more dangerous one, because just like the other option, it has always been there.

Lesson learned: Sometimes doing the best thing needs to be enforced.

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