Life Lately and the Persistent Headache

I realized I haven't written a what's up post in more than a month so here you go!
I don't usually watch KDramas when they're not yet finished, but lately, all these interesting titles on the Recently Updated tab of KissAsian has left me in a miserable state of waiting weekly for fresh episodes. And I can't stop watching.

So what's eating me right now:

Doctors - I admit the first episode got me so hooked but the thrill and excitement seems to drop as the episodes go by. Will probably abandon this if I'm not satisfied with the next episode. Wishing for more badass scenes though to compensate for the growing (and boring) complications of their lovelives.

W Two Worlds - Lee Jong Suk is the reason I decided to watch this and man, the plot is interesting and the love team is pretty funny too. Please I want a happy ending for this.

Oh My Venus - not an ongoing series but something I just finished watching this week. I love love this series. It's consistently funny and their chemistry leaves no dull moment. It's one of those romcoms you wouldn't tire watching even after the couple is already dating. Shi Min Ah is sooo adorable <3

Uncontrollably Fond - Because of Kim Woo Bin, I decided to give it a shot. Not bad but not too exciting either. The lead girl could be annoying, but I love the angst on this one I don't mind a sad ending.

Allergic Rhinitis and Mild Pneumonia
I've been sick for the past 3 weeks and it's weighing me down so bad. It started with colds, then sore throat, fever, then cough. My nose has been having the hardest time, always getting clogged. I've been wheezing like crazy and a headache won't leave me. I feel like I have toothache too. T___T; Arg. Please pray for me. T__T

Bye writing gig
I'm officially raket-less as I submit my last article for Grateful and Spry. It was a fun experience, one that definitely helped me pay for gas (for a while). Reminded me of my short stint at ODesk (now UpWork) but here at least I was given a couple of interesting subjects like success stories, the 1980's, and processed food hehe. I learned a lot, and realized if I were writing full time I could only come up with two articles a day lol. Looking forward to more writing opportunities... that I can handle. I'm a 2 articles per week type of person, given my day (well, night) job.

Twist and turn
Warning: this is super long. Basta I got into a road accident with a motorcycle, and were both okay naman na haha.

Three weeks ago I got into a road accident, my first, not that I'm one to count, and I'm glad it's totally over. Not totally totally though 'cos we still haven't admitted the car for repairs and I'm still worried about how much the participation fee will be for a couple of dents and a broken side mirror. But totally over in a sense that both parties are okay, and I'm out of the trauma of hitting the road again. Thank God for insurance.

So here's what happened. On the way home Wednesday morning (July 13), coming from Central Avenue I turned right to Commonwealth and on to the motorcycle lane. Signaling to the left, I inched my way to the next lane then BLAG! Something hit the side of my car, the side mirror flew off, and then I stopped to check the situation. A man sat on the ground probably trying to get back to his senses, his motorcycle down behind him. Thank God there's no blood. Nakakaloka! I was panicking (inwardly) like crazy, how could this happen now, why, coding ako!

Vehicles from behind started honking, motorcycles slowed down, usis(eros) rolled down their windows, a few good men went to check on the guy, SOMEONE PICKED UP MY SIDE MIRROR AND HANDED IT TO ME (bless you!), I left my car beside the motorcycle lane with the hazard lights on, it was six something in the morning, it was rush hour, and traffic was building up. Awaaaaaard!

I kept saying sorry to the kuya, that I didn't mean to hit him, asked if he was okay, then asked anong pwede kong gawin?

One of the onlookers told me to call 911. Right, I took my phone out and called 911, a recorded message told me to call 117 instead, dialed 117 and was greeted with a monotonous voice saying I have insufficient load to make the call. WHY DO EMERGENCY NUMBERS NEED LOAD? F TELCOS.

I went back to the kuya and asked again if he was okay and what I could do. He asked me if I could bring him to the hospital and I obliged. Didn't occur to me that it meant leaving the place of accident without anything for the police to investigate on. I called one of the guys from the outpost (Thank God there's an outpost!) and he assisted in keeping the motorcycle in custody while I bring the victim to the hospital. I even had to ask where I could bring him even though I should know 'cos I ply Commonwealth every freaking day of my life. Stress.

I called my dad and told him about the accident and said he'll follow us to the hospital. With my left side mirror off, I managed to drive us to Malvar General Hospital, I was happy to be out of the accident scene if only to alleviate the worsening traffic.

The nurse asked for the victim and told us if we have talked already about this and that, I don't know what she's talking about. The kuya agreed to sign this Medico Legal thing stating that he won't be pushing any charges against me, which is good, but not after me agreeing to take care of him. Basta wag daw syang pabayaan. Of course. So I took care of everything, his hospital bills, his painkillers, etc. His right arm got swollen really bad, thank God it wasn't broken.

When my dad and uncle (and my mom and my sister. basically they all went to "support" me) arrived at the hospital to check the situation, I learned that I wasn't really at fault. Looking at the dents on the left doors of the car and the broken side mirror, it was clear who hit who, and I'm not the first who. It should've been me who signed the Medico Legal form instead. Now the thing is, since we already talked about not pressing each other over the matter, we had to make it seem like a hit-and-run incident so that the insurance company wouldn't run after him.

Lesson #1: Not everyone who got hurt is a victim.

Anyway, it's not like I would withdraw the help I promised. Shempre maaawa ka diba? He was obviously the less financially privileged one, and I wanted to offer as much help as needed because I can see that he's hurting and he wouldn't be able to go to work for a few days. He works as a family driver and it's her wife's birthday pa that day!

For a while I was super guilty cos he wouldn't accept any money from us, then later on naman I became doubtful about his intentions, that he's probably acting and blah, but eventually it passed after he called in asking for help getting his motorcycle repaired. I wired him the money and prayed everything to be fine.

Lesson #2: Money solves guilt problems.

I'm not saying always, but during that time, lumuwag talaga yung dibdib ko. More than the the intense worry about the cost of participation fee for the car repair (which hopefully won't exceed all my reimbursable benefits this year cos inencash ko na lahat huhu), the feeling of guilt won't leave me. It was only when I gave him money that I felt relieved. Even though I was the "lugi" one here cos I shouldered everything and he didn't have to spend a dime, at least I wasn't hurt anywhere.

The only real consolation I got from the incident was learning one of my friends got into the exact same accident, on the same day, on the same spot, just 2 hours before mine. The motorcycle who hit him was even an MMDA officer.

Yeah, more stats for Commonwealth to continue its reign as the country's most dangerous highway.

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