To change or not to

I'm in the middle of editing my test blog for a possible layout change. Ever since I decided to not care about being a professional blogger, my sidebar has been drastically decluttered, so I'm thinking maybe it's time to try out a single column blog! Yas! Edit: My footer is still cluttered haha

You see, I wanted to focus more on just writing right now. None of those SEO optimized listicles that provide real value to readers, and a tiny bit of income to me haha. And speaking of income, it took a lot of thinking on my part to decide on putting down Google's leaderboard ad because it almost always messes with the design, and the only reason I'm keeping a Nuffnang ad is to be able to call myself a "Nuffnang registered blogger" and ultimately be eligible to join their contests (which recently have become so blah and competitive so ohkay). Anyway, not giving up ads entirely as I've found a pretty alternative to pesky header ads... inline ads!

The more I try to direct my blog to a source of income, the more cluttered it becomes, the more desperate I feel, the more out of character my entries come out. I even have a lot of reservations joining comment exchanges because here I go again shamelessly plugging what I ate for lunch and forcing people to come up with encouraging comments lol. And half the time, I don't really know how to engage with people's posts, especially those with glaringly bad grammar. It's already a chore trying to understand the entry, and then I have to say something nice. Ugh, as much as I want to snark up, my conscience tells me to suck it up instead 'cos karma happens even to the best of us. Char.

To be fair, Comexes has served its purpose of providing me some reading material. I love to read but lately it has been a struggle to reach out to my virtual bookshelf. Blog posts are easier to conquer. If I'm lucky, half the list I'm supposed to read is well written, other times I'm just trying to get by link after link wondering how the hell some people love to write badly.

Don't get me wrong, grammar can be learned. I'm just bitching out cos I've been reading a lot of bad writing lately, my blog included heh.

Why are we talking about Comexes again?

So there, actually I've finished tinkering with the design. I'm just contemplating on installing the theme now or later (or never). I don't know why I can't keep a layout for long, moreso, I don't understand how some people could stick with their blog layout for months. Just how.

Actually I think I know why, I was a UI developer so I can't help going to the HTML editor to experiment on stuff. It's my knowledge and curiosity of web design trends that make it hard for me to stick to one theme for even just a quarter. Isn't that tragic. My blogger-designer friends don't seem to be this way with their own blogs. What's wrong with me. Not a question.

Okay. I should be off to sleep, it's 3:30PM, and that reads 3:30AM for zombies like me. Off to the grave.

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