My better attempt at watercolor flowers

This is probably the prettiest I've painted so far, so I'm sharing it with you goys hehehehe.

Inspiration: this watercolor piece by Casey Ligon

I saw it featured on The Craft Central's Instagram page and I was so taken by it that I immediately pulled out a postcard sized watercolor paper and started drawing the flowers. I actually keep a stash of art materials in my office drawer in case I run into moments of inspiration, like this. 

I know it has to be super light and it didn't have to be perfect cos it'll be colored anyway but I couldn't really spare the details. Drawing was my first love so I tend to over-illustrate things. Notice that I drafted the flowers first in my notebook using ballpen before actually drawing it on the vellum pad. I didn't want a lot of erasures on this one cos it damages the paper and could ruin the texture.

Then I started painting! For this I used a small water brush I bought from The Craft Central. For some reason the head doesn't dry out completely, it seems like water continuously flows through it as you brush. I thought it was a defect cos you usually have to squeeze the handle to release water once it's too dry. Mine doesn't seem to need any of that, but it's not leaking either so I let it go. It's very minor and didn't ruin my piece anyway haha.

I applied the colors layer by layer, starting with the lightest grade. I think the key to achieving this effect is to let each layer dry first before applying the next layer. I don't really know what it's called hehe. XD

After the flowers I went for the leaves. I did a mistake of making a darker green shade instead of just layering it so there are a couple of irregularly darker leaves somewhere.

Finally, I added a light blue background, erased the pencil outlines, and redrew them using brown Titus ballpen. Here's the final output:

Hope you like it! Looking forward to improve my painting skills :D If you have tips, tricks and know of super cheap watercolor workshops in QC, let me know!

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