A quick revamp

Jenen! I didn't really think when I decided to change my layout design, it just sort of happened haha. I don't know why but I easily get bored with my theme, kaka-visit ko siguro LOL. Anyway, I decided to change a couple of things here and there after browsing tumblr themes and finding this: http://rainier-theme.tumblr.com/
I thought, oooooh a video header under dark translucent overlay! Let's do it! It was a simple F12 job for me (Inspect element). I copied a few lines of code, a couple of CSS properties, and voila! It's refreshing to see something moving on my header. Needless to say, I was happy and bent on finding/making my own short HD clip of something nice but it's such a hassle. I didn't want to just grab the original video too cos I may be violating some creative commons chuchu, so I just settled for a picture first. ;)

I also removed some post borders and stuff. 

Hm, on second thought, a video header would be cool. I'm looking at www.abbey-sy.com for inspiration. I suddenly want to shoot my own header lol. A 15 second webm clip is only 3.9MB. TEMPTING. Whatever, what do I know about shooting stuff lol.

We'll see ;)


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