[Review] Starbucks Pour-over Brewer

here's the Starbucks Pour-over Brewer (priced at around Php 1,400), or in other words... a manual coffee brewer. pretty much works like your electric brewer except that it's not run by electricity, and you have to continuously pour hot water for your coffee to drip. oh yes, it's a drip coffee maker!

What you need to get this thing working (aside for the thing of course)

1. #2 cone style coffee filters
a pack of 40 costs around Php 150. that'll probably take 2 working months to finish assuming you use 1 filter a day, and you use it in the office hehe

2. ground coffee
if you're buying from coffee shops like starbucks or CBTL, you can have them grinded. as for the type of grind... i have no idea, i just told them i'm gonna use it for a pour over brewer. i think they'll reccommend a fine grind. if you're buying from the supermarket though, do you really have a choice? hehe

3. hot water

How to use it:

1. Place the ceramic cone on top of your mug (which is included in the set. nope you can't buy just the ceramic cone, the mug has to go with it ... which made it expensive! haha)

2. Put #2 filter paper on the ceramic cone. You may want to rinse it by letting a bit of hot water run through the sides of the filter paper. Then discard the water.

3. put around 2-3 tbsp of ground coffee. i usually use 3 tbsp.

4. pour hot water! but don't fill the cone too much, maybe just half to let the water seep in the coffee a bit, and allow it to bloom (meaning there's gonna be some cool frothing on yer grounds hehe!). you may want to pour slowly din pala if you want some drama lol. >XD and then you can carry on with more water as needed to bring your cup on full blast. lololol

The Verdict

I super love this product. it's a great alternative for an electric coffee brewer especially that we're not allowed to bring one at the office haha. i love how it's very straightforward to use and easy to wash. been using it for more than 2 months now and so far so good! :D

the only downside is you have to wait for your coffee to drip, and sometimes the water has already gone cold while seeping. eh kasi naman the hot water from our pantry isn't really fresh off the boil, so mejo mabilis nga lumamig. haha keri lang naman. >XD if you're using a new filter paper, you'll notice the water drips faster, but when you keep using it on the next drips... mejo nac-clog sya so bumabagal ung tulo. hehe

My mom actually gave this to me as a gift last year cos i've been stressing over a coffee maker eh ako lang naman mahilig mag-kape samin bwahaha >XD

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