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long time no personal post! it irks me that there are already five consecutive PR posts on the first page... like whaaaat?! wala na ba kong ma-share?! so let me break that a bit by updating you on what's up with my life lately! after all,  this is still a very personal blog. not a very PRsonal one. BWAHA so punny.

1. my mom wouldn't allow me to buy a bike

well, she would if i promised to stay within the walls of our village... which means no. so depressing. i was planning on cycling it to the office cos there's free parking for bikes. plus i get to save half of my allowance daily. the risk, of course, is surviving commonwealth avenue. worried the heck out of her. as usual. grrr. i'm too old for this! i can't buy an expensive road bike because she'd think, 'no, that's too expensive i'm sure your taking that out'. guess what mommy... that's the plan!!!

if i could only convince her that i'm gonna be safe. that the only part of Commonwealth avenue i would ride is from Don Antonio to Technohub, and that's freaking 5 kilometers only!

thinking about getting a bike excites me so muuuuch, like having a major crush hahaha. imagine the workout i could get with that, the money i could save, the places i could go to without paying for faaare! aaaaah i can get a mani pedi nearby without having to include pamasahe on the budget! so convenient!

and also, i could frkn be a triathlete na! homaygaaaas my athletic frustrations are being acknowledged finally! chos.

2. for a freelance artist, i suck at planning

i don't seem to have a solid work process to follow. mehn, this project is so agile. there are critical dependencies and i have to rework almost all the time. but then i'm really really happy to be doing this. no bull. i love drawing. hihi it's my happy place :D

3. new food phase: Chili's rice

grabe lang! it's already my 3rd time dining at chili's this year and it's only february. on my first visit, their beef salpicao took my heart... but really it's more of the rice haha. last valentines, jeckie and i dined there... i ordered beef salpicao and was once again taken by the flavor of the herbs oozing from every bite. hahaha basta ang sarap. ang mahal din. not a good phase cos a bout of craving would set me back 1k already, juicecolored. T___T

4. have you tried CANVA?

here you go: www.canva.com

check it out guys, i'm naming it as my official graphics buddy for stuff i need in a jiffy. it's very easy to use and is extremely handy for those who want to place fancy text on their pictures. it has tons of templates for different social media formats: facbook cover, instagram post, google + banner, twitter header, presentations, invitations, business cards, etc. you don't have to worry about the dimensions!

i'm also very impressed at the amount of design options it offers, it will frkn turn you into an instant graphics/layout artist i swearrrr. WHICH IS SOBRANG NAKAKAINIS if you ask me, cos artists are fudging elitists and it's not cool how they make it easy to become one. like how you hate calling someone a photographer just because he sports a punchdrunk panda strapped DSLR. odiba.

but even with all the bitterness, i'm all for the promotion of a beautiful web and if it takes a sudden spike of so-called artists due to canva, so be it! i love looking at beautiful graphics! haha

i'm a photoshop loyalist pero baka poser lang din ako, cos traditional artists be like hating on the digital peeps. haha


hmmm... that's it! i should be back to illustrating.

how are you?? :D

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