Must try: Slappy Cakes Lenten Specials

Who said Slappy Cakes are all about pancakes and nothing else? For a while I thought they were just one of those fancy all-day breakfast chains, but last week I got to try the restaurant for the first time and discovered that it's not all about the batter!

March 5, 2015 --- Slappy Cakes, the popular international all-day breakfast joint originating from Portland, Oregon, recently introduced its offerings for Lent. Apart from its pancake fare, Slappy cakes is offering no-meat alternatives which are both tasty and fulfilling.

You can start off your meal with these Slappetizers: Cheese Sticks, Mango Ponzu Salad, and Tomato Soup. Then choose from these Pasta dishes and Slappy Plates: Pesto Pasta with Anchovies, Salmon Pasta with Cream Sauce, Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich, and Fish Bites, or indulge in their All Day Breakfast with Salmon Benedict, Seasonal Vegetable Benedict, and Garlic Bangus.

Fish Bites

Cheese Sticks
Salmon Benedict
Pesto Pasta with Anchovies
Mango Ponzu Salad
Carlic Bangus
Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich

Salmon Pasta with Cream Sauce
Seasonal Vegetable Benedict
Tomato Soup
“Given the timeliness of our offering of these non-meat fare, we believe we are giving our diners more alternatives that are in accordance to their preference,” said Karen Caballero, General Manager of Slappy Cakes.

Patrons who are looking to try out these delicious offerings, can visit any of the Slappy Cakes branches in Eastwood Mall from 9am-10pm (9am-11pm during Fridays and Saturdays), SM Aura Premier from 10am-10pm, SM North Edsa The Block from 10am-9pm (10am-10pm during Fridays and Saturdays), and SM Jazz Mall from 8am-9pm. For Holy Week, they are open from Palm Sunday until Holy Wednesday and resume their operations on Black Saturday.

About Slappy Cakes

Since opening in 2009, Slappy Cakes has become one of the most popular breakfast spots in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. by offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience in a fun and interactive setting. What sets Slappy Cakes apart from any other breakfast restaurant is that there are griddles built into each table, giving customers the opportunity of cooking their own pancakes right at their table. This creative and interactive experience is what Slappy Cakes is about - offering a fun-filled dining experience of the kids, and kids at heart. People of all ages, both children and adults, can enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that Slappy Cakes brings.

After the success of Slappy Cakes in Portland and in Tokyo, Japan, Slappy Cakes is capturing the hearts of Filipino breakfast lovers.

Aside from the do-it-yourself pancakes, the breakfast selection with all-American flavor, Slappy Cakes also caters to the Filipino palate with their Filipino breakfast offerings. Whether you're up for either an American feast or your usual Filipino favorite, Slappy Cakes is sure to bring a pleasant and memorable breakfast dining experience, any time of the day. 

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About Mother Spice Food Corporation

Mother Spice Food Corporation is the parent company of local dining spots Mango Tree, Mango Tree Bistro, COCA Restaurant, COCA Cafe and Slappy Cakes.

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