WD partakes in Blogopolis 2015

WD participates in the country’s biggest blog and social media conference, Nuffnang Philippines’ Blogopolis 2015, held on February 21, 2015 at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City.

Dubbed as “Shifting Gears”, the Blogopolis event is poised to gather people from different walks of life with varied hobbies and interests as they get inspiration in the blogosphere and updates about online trends from the country’s most influential bloggers and media personalities.

WD is supporting this annual event by showcasing its latest product portfolio, offering product consultation and photo booth opportunities. WD is also giving away freebies and merchandise to visitors of WD booth.

Blogging with WD

Blogging is all about sharing anything under the sun to your readers, be it your personal experience or random fun at your professional atmosphere, or any other exciting topics you deem important to be documented and shared. Be it fashion, travel, fitness, entertainment or sports, your blog posts are sure to be more exciting with captivating photos and amazing videos!

For fashion bloggers

For those bloggers who have passion for fashion and would not last a day without capturing their stunning Outfit Of The Day or OOTDs, WD’s My Passport Wireless is the best choice! One may store photos in this handy and fashionable hard drive without the hassle of cords.

WD My Passport Wireless prices:
 1 TB starts at Php 9,590
2 TB starts at Php 11,990

For tech bloggers

Gamers and techie people will never let their files go constrained. That is why WD has designed hard drives that are worthy of this rule! With its WD Red 5TB (model #: WD50EFRX), you have the convenience to store your always updating files!

WD Red prices:
5TB is priced at Php 10,950,
6 TB (model #: WD60EFRX) is priced at Php 13,400.

WD Red takes pride in its network attached storage (NAS) system. For other options, WD Red Pro boasts of its 16-bay high capacity performance.

WD Red Pro prices:
2 TB (model #: WD2001FFSX) is priced at Php 6,995
3 TB (model #: WD3001FFSX) is priced at Php 8,850
4 TB (model #: WD4001FFSX) is priced at Php 11,550

For bloggers on-the-go

For the on-the-go bloggers who wish to widen their video library, store clips for a long period of time and access these files conveniently everywhere, WD My Cloud and WD My Cloud EX2 are the right options.

WD My Cloud prices:
4 TB at Php 11, 490
3 TB at Php 8, 990
2 TB at Php 7, 490

WD My Cloud EX2 prices:
4 TB ranges from Php 17, 990
6 TB ranges from Php 22,990
8 TB ranges from Php 28,990
As the revolutionary world of media and online world continue to grow, WD is always prepared to shift its gears to give the best storage solution that every enthusiast can ever have.

It's amazing to know that WD doesn't want to be left behind in the storage scene specially that people's needs are ever so changing! I admire the work they put into providing different types of products for the different types of people. As a blogger I, personally have always been curious about the WD My Cloud as it actually allows us to have our own cloud storage where we can access our files remotely! Talk about awesome! 

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